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23   with subsection 1, paragraph "b", is insufficient to

24   pay the full annual award to all teachers approved by
25   the department for an annual award, the department
26   shall prorate the amount of the annual award based
27   upon the amount appropriated.
28     3.  A teacher receiving an annual award pursuant to
29   this section may provide additional services to the
30   school district that employs the teacher.  The
31   additional services to be provided by the teacher may
32   be mutually agreed upon by the school district and the
33   teacher.
34     4.  Awards shall be paid to teachers by the
35   department as follows:
36     a.  Upon receipt of reimbursement documentation as
37   provided in subsection 1, paragraph "a".
38     b.  Not later than June 1 to teachers whose
39   applications and recertifications for annual awards as
40   provided in subsection 1, paragraph "b", are submitted
41   to the department by May 1 and subsequently approved.
42     5.  Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary,
43   a teacher approved by the department to receive an
44   annual award for certification in accordance with this
45   section in the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1998,
46   shall receive the annual award amount specified in
47   subsection 1, paragraph "b", subparagraph (1), to
48   commence with the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1999.
49     6.  From funds appropriated for purposes of this
50   section by the general assembly to the department of
Page 3
 1   education for each fiscal year in the fiscal period
 2   beginning July 1, 1999, and ending June 30, 2004,
 3   three hundred thousand dollars, or so much thereof as
 4   may be necessary, shall be used for the payment of
 5   registration awards as provided in subsection 4,
 6   paragraph "a".
 7     7.  The department shall prorate the amount of the
 8   annual awards paid in accordance with this section
 9   when the number of award recipients exceeds one
10   thousand one hundred individuals.
12   department of education shall conduct a study of the
13   effects of the national board certification pilot
14   project established in section 256.44 on teaching
15   quality, professional development, the provision of
16   additional services to school districts in accordance
17   with section 256.44, subsection 3, and teacher
18   induction and retention in this state.  The department
19   shall consider whether the effects of the pilot
20   project support continuation of the project or
21   expansion to include other teacher awards or

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