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16   and includes all input, output, processing, storage,

17   and communication facilities which are connected or
18   related to the computer, including a computer network.
19   As used in this paragraph, "computer" includes any
20   central processing unit, front-end processing unit,
21   miniprocessor, or microprocessor, and related
22   peripheral equipment such as data storage devices,
23   document scanners, data entry terminal controllers,
24   and data terminal equipment and systems for computer
25   networks.
26     c.  "Computer network" means a set of related,
27   remotely connected devices and communication
28   facilities, including two or more computers with
29   capability to transmit data among them through
30   communication facilities.
31     d.  "Electronic mail" means an electronic message,
32   file, data, or other electronic information that is
33   transmitted using an internet or intranet computer
34   network to one or more persons.
35     e.  "Interactive computer service" means an
36   information service, system, or access software
37   provider that provides or enables computer access by
38   multiple users to a computer server, including
39   specifically a service or system that provides access
40   to the internet, and such systems operated or services
41   offered by a library or an educational institution.
42     f.  "Internet domain name" means a globally unique,
43   hierarchical reference to an internet host or service,
44   assigned through a centralized internet naming
45   authority, comprising a series of character strings
46   separated by periods, with the right-most string
47   specifying the top of the hierarchy.
48     g.  "Recipient" means a person who receives
49   electronic mail.
50     2.  PROHIBITED ACTS.  It is unlawful for a person
Page 2  
 1   to use an interactive computer service to initiate the
 2   sending of bulk electronic mail that the sender knows,
 3   or has reason to know, violates any of the following:
 4     a.  Uses the name of a third party in the return
 5   address field without permission of the third party.
 6     b.  Misrepresents any information in identifying
 7   the point of origin of the transmission path of the
 8   electronic mail.
 9     c.  Does not contain information identifying the
10   point of origin or the transmission path of the
11   electronic mail message.
12     d.  With respect to an unsolicited advertisement,
13   does not, at a minimum, provide an electronic mail
14   address readily identifiable in the advertisement to

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