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17   responsibility of a pilot project county, a legal

18   resident includes anyone living in the county at the
19   time services or other support are provided who is a
20   member of the target population.  A legal resident
21   includes but is not limited to a person who is
22   homeless or living in a homeless shelter.  However, if
23   an individual resides in a pilot project county as a
24   result of placement or referral for services or other
25   support by another county or another state, financial
26   responsibility remains with the other county or other
27   state.
29     a.  A county participating in the pilot project is
30   responsible to provide or pay for services and other
31   support to appropriately address the needs of the
32   target population attributable to that county.  This
33   responsibility includes accountability for clinical,
34   administrative, and fiscal functions.
35     b.  A pilot project area may choose among
36   alternative approaches in administering services under
37   the pilot project.  The alternative approaches include
38   but are not limited to any of the following:
39     (1)  A case rate approach to purchase of services.
40     (2)  A fee-for-service purchasing approach with an
41   emphasis on flexible, creative services.
42     (3)  A mixed model involving both case rate and
43   fee-for-service approaches.
44     c.  A pilot project area shall provide data and
45   other reports as provided in the contract with the
46   department.
47     d.  Moneys received by a county under the pilot
48   project shall be deposited in the county's services
49   fund.  Moneys received that remain unencumbered or
50   unobligated at the close of the fiscal year shall
Page 3
 1   remain available to be used to benefit the county's
 2   target population in the succeeding fiscal year.
 3     e.  Receipt and expenditures of moneys under the
 4   pilot project shall be subject to examination during
 5   the regular audit of the pilot project area counties
 6   performed in accordance with chapter 11.
 7     6.  FUNDING - PHASES.  The department shall
 8   negotiate with the pilot project areas to identify the
 9   projected funding amount to be provided to the areas
10   for a fiscal year.  The projected funding amount shall
11   be determined in accordance with a pilot project
12   area's relative share of the statewide expenditures
13   for services and other support paid by the funding
14   sources included in the pilot project plus the related
15   administrative expenses.  Unless the commencement

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