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House Journal: Page 911: Monday, March 29, 1999

	House File 723, a bill for an act prohibiting the mistreatment of 

animals and providing for penalties, was taken up for consideration.
Cormack of Webster offered amendment H?1227 filed by him as 
 1     Amend House File 723 as follows:
 2     1.  By striking everything after the enacting
 3   clause and inserting the following:
 4     "Section 1.  Section 717.1, Code 1999, is amended
 5   by adding the following new subsections:
 6     NEW SUBSECTION.  0A.  "Animal" means the same as
 7   defined in section 717A.1.
 8     NEW SUBSECTION.  1A.  "Licensed mental health
 9   counselor" means a person licensed to practice mental
10   health counseling under chapters 147 and 154D.
11     NEW SUBSECTION.  7.  "Warden" means animal warden
12   as defined in section 162.2.
13     Sec. 2.  Section 717.1A, unnumbered paragraph 1,
14   Code 1999, is amended to read as follows:
15     A person is guilty of livestock abuse if the person
16   intentionally injures, maims, disfigures, or destroys
17   livestock owned by another person, in any 
18   including, but not limited to, intentionally 
doing any
19   of the following:  administering drugs or 
poisons to
20   the livestock, or disabling the livestock by 
using a
21   firearm or trap by any means that causes pain or
22   suffering in a manner inconsistent with customary
23   animal husbandry practices. A person guilty of
24   livestock abuse commits an aggravated 
25   This section shall not apply to any of the following:
26     Sec. 3.  Section 717.1A, subsection 1, Code 1999,
27   is amended by striking the subsection.
28     Sec. 4.  Section 717.2, subsection 1, paragraph c,
29   Code 1999, is amended by striking the paragraph.
30     Sec. 5.  Section 717.2, subsection 2, Code 1999, is
31   amended by striking the subsection.
33     1.  A person shall immediately report an incident
34   involving a violation of section 717B.2 or 717B.3 to a
35   law enforcement officer, if all of the following
36   apply:
37     a.  The person is any of the following:
38     (1)  A warden.
39     (2)  A veterinarian licensed pursuant to chapter
40   169.
41     (3)  An employee of the department of agriculture
42   and land stewardship who regularly inspects the

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