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House Journal: Page 860: Thursday, March 25, 1999

 7     NEW SUBSECTION.  5.  Township trustees as provided

 8   in section 39.22.
 9     Sec.     .  Section 39.21, Code 1999, is amended by
10   adding the following new subsection:
11     NEW SUBSECTION.  6.  Township clerk as provided in
12   section 39.22.
13     Sec.     .  Section 39.22, subsection 2, Code 1999,
14   is amended to read as follows:
15     2.  BY ELECTION.  If the county board of
16   supervisors does not have the power provided under
17   subsection 1 to fill the offices of trustee and clerk
18   within a township by appointment, then the offices of
19   township trustee and township clerk shall be filled by
20   election on a nonpartisan basis.  Township trustees
21   and the township clerk, in townships which do not
22   include a city, shall be elected by the voters of the
23   entire township.  In townships which include a city,
24   the officers shall be elected by the voters of the
25   township who reside outside the corporate limits of
26   the city, but a township officer may be a resident of
27   the city.
28     a.  TOWNSHIP OFFICERS.  The election of township
29   officers shall take place at the general election on
30   ballots which shall not reflect a nominee's political
31   affiliation.  Nomination shall be made by petition in
32   accordance with chapter 45.  The petition form shall
33   be furnished by the county commissioner of elections
34   and shall be filed with the county commissioner of
35   elections.  A plurality is sufficient to elect the
36   township officers, and no primary election for the
37   offices shall be held.
38     a. b.  TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES.  Township trustees shall
39   be elected biennially to succeed those whose terms of
40   office expire on the first day of January following
41   the election which is not a Sunday or legal holiday.
42   The term of office of each elected township trustee is
43   four years, except as provided in subsection 1 for
44   initial terms following restoration of the election
45   process.
46     b. c.  TOWNSHIP CLERK.  At the general election
47   held in the year 1990 and every four years thereafter,
48   in each civil township one township clerk shall be
49   elected who shall hold office for the term of four
50   years."
Page 2  
 1     2.  Page 1, by inserting after line 13 the
 2   following:
 3     "Sec.     .  Section 43.53, Code 1999, is amended to
 4   read as follows:

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