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Senate Study Bill 3127

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  6C.1  POLICY AND INTENT.
  1  2    It is the policy of this state to ensure the sound and
  1  3 orderly development and use of land including agricultural,
  1  4 commercial, industrial, residential, recreational, and
  1  5 historic uses.  It is further the policy of this state to
  1  6 discourage urban sprawl, to keep farmland in agricultural
  1  7 production, and to promote rural development based on local
  1  8 priorities.
  1  9    All state agencies shall implement the provisions of this
  1 10 chapter as the provisions relate to the powers and duties of
  1 11 each state agency.
  1 12    For the purposes of this chapter, "state agency" means the
  1 13 same as "agency" defined in section 17A.2.
  1 16    1.  Each state agency that has rulemaking authority and
  1 17 that, as part of its statutory duties, is involved in land
  1 18 development, acquisition, or disposal shall adopt rules
  1 19 establishing a land use review process and encompassing the
  1 20 following principles as those principles apply to the state
  1 21 agency:
  1 22    a.  Make efficient and effective use of land resources and
  1 23 existing infrastructure by encouraging development in areas
  1 24 with existing infrastructure or capacity to avoid costly
  1 25 duplication of services and costly use of land.
  1 26    b.  Provide for a mix of land uses to create a variety of
  1 27 housing choices and opportunities.
  1 28    c.  Make development decisions predictable, fair, and cost-
  1 29 effective.
  1 30    d.  Provide for a variety of transportation choices,
  1 31 including neighborhoods conducive to pedestrian traffic.
  1 32    e.  Maintain a unique sense of place by respecting local
  1 33 cultural and natural environmental features.
  1 34    f.  Conserve open space and farmland and preserve critical
  1 35 environmental areas.
  2  1    g.  Encourage stakeholder collaboration and community
  2  2 participation rather than conflict.
  2  3    h.  Provide for staged and managed growth in urban
  2  4 transition areas with compact development patterns.
  2  5    i.  Enhance equitable access to public and private
  2  6 resources for everyone.
  2  7    j.  Promote the safety, livability, and revitalization of
  2  8 existing urban and rural communities.
  2  9    2.  The rules shall state the manner in which the land use
  2 10 principles adopted by the state agency will be applied to each
  2 11 program the agency administers if the program involves the
  2 12 development, acquisition, or disposal of land.  The rules
  2 13 shall also provide a process by which the state agency will
  2 14 involve local governments and community and citizen
  2 15 organizations in its land use review process.  
  2 16                           EXPLANATION
  2 17    This bill requires each state agency that has rulemaking
  2 18 authority and that is statutorily required to implement
  2 19 programs involving the development, acquisition, or disposal
  2 20 of land to adopt rules establishing a land use review process.
  2 21 The bill includes a list of land use principles that, if
  2 22 applicable to the agency, are to be included in the agency's
  2 23 rules.  The bill also requires that the land use rules adopted
  2 24 by state agencies are to provide a process by which the agency
  2 25 will involve local governments and organizations in its land
  2 26 use review process.  The bill defines "state agency".  
  2 27 LSB 5500XL 78
  2 28 sc/cls/14

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