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Senate Resolution 10

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  1  1                SENATE RESOLUTION NO. ___
  1  3 A Senate Resolution supporting the placement of
  1  4    additional federal production work at, and
  1  5    continued utilization of, the Rock Island Arsenal.
  1  6    WHEREAS, the facilities of the Rock Island Arsenal
  1  7 employ several thousand people; reflect a greatly
  1  8 enhanced physical plant, machine tool inventory, and
  1  9 data processing capabilities; and comprise one of the
  1 10 largest weapons manufacturing arsenals in the world;
  1 11 and
  1 12    WHEREAS, the Rock Island Arsenal has proven capable
  1 13 of producing many weapons systems at a lower cost than
  1 14 producers of such systems in the private sector; and
  1 15    WHEREAS, the Defense Megacenter-Rock Island,
  1 16 located at the Rock Island Arsenal, has the
  1 17 significant ability to furnish a full range of
  1 18 automation services, including business, tactical, and
  1 19 logistical systems support; and
  1 20    WHEREAS, the communities in the states of Illinois
  1 21 and Iowa which are located in the vicinity of the Rock
  1 22 Island Arsenal recognize and appreciate the
  1 23 contribution which the Rock Island Arsenal makes to
  1 24 the economic vitality and stability of the region; NOW
  1 26    BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the United
  1 27 States Department of Defense, the United States Army,
  1 28 and the United States Congress are urged to continue
  1 29 to place production work at the Rock Island Arsenal,
  1 30 and to consider increased utilization of the Arsenal's
  2  1 facilities, so that the capabilities of the Rock
  2  2 Island Arsenal, and economic vitality of the
  2  3 surrounding region, may be utilized to the fullest
  2  4 extent possible.
  2  5    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this
  2  6 Resolution be sent to the President of the United
  2  7 States, the United States Secretary of Defense, the
  2  8 Secretary of the Army, the Commander of Headquarters
  2  9 of the Army Materiel Command, the President, Majority
  2 10 Leader, and Minority Leader of the United States
  2 11 Senate, the Speaker, Majority Leader, and Minority
  2 12 Leader of the United States House of Representatives,
  2 13 and to members of the Illinois and Iowa congressional
  2 14 delegations.  
  2 15 LSB 2754XS 78
  2 16 rn/sc/14

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