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Senate File 225

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 249A.3, subsection 2, Code 1999, is
  1  2 amended by adding the following new lettered paragraph before
  1  3 paragraph a and renumbering the subsequent paragraphs:
  1  4    NEW PARAGRAPH.  a.  Individuals who are defined as disabled
  1  5 persons pursuant to 42 U.S.C. } 1396(a)(10)(A)(ii)(XIII), who
  1  6 are members of families whose family net income, based upon
  1  7 the family's combined income including all earnings, is less
  1  8 than two hundred fifty percent of the most recently revised
  1  9 poverty income guidelines published by the United States
  1 10 department of health and human services, and who, but for
  1 11 employment earnings in excess of the limit established under
  1 12 42 U.S.C. } 1396d(q)(2)(B) would be eligible for federal
  1 13 supplemental security income.  Individuals eligible for
  1 14 assistance under this paragraph who are not eligible under
  1 15 another provision of this section shall pay a premium and a
  1 16 cost-sharing amount.  The cost-sharing amount, which shall be
  1 17 paid by the individual to the state as a client contribution
  1 18 on a payment basis adopted by rule of the department, shall be
  1 19 equivalent to the individual's amount of unearned income which
  1 20 is in excess of the federal supplemental security income
  1 21 standard cash benefit.  The premium payment amount shall be
  1 22 based on a sliding fee schedule adopted by rule of the
  1 23 department and based on a percentage of the individual's
  1 24 adjusted earned net income.  In addition, the sliding fee
  1 25 schedule shall provide for a disregard of ten thousand dollars
  1 26 in resources held by the individual and a disregard of amounts
  1 27 deposited in retirement and medical savings accounts held by
  1 28 the individual.  The sliding fee amount shall be commensurate
  1 29 with comparable premium amounts required by private insurers
  1 30 in the state.  This paragraph shall be implemented no later
  1 31 than January 1, 2000.  
  1 32                           EXPLANATION 
  1 33    This bill provides that under the optional categories to be
  1 34 covered under the medical assistance program, the highest
  1 35 priority is provision of coverage to disabled persons with
  2  1 family net incomes less than 250 percent of the federal
  2  2 poverty level, who would otherwise be eligible for federal
  2  3 supplemental security income but for income generated through
  2  4 their employment.  If the person is eligible for medical
  2  5 assistance under this new provision the person must pay an
  2  6 amount in cost-sharing and a premium, based upon a sliding fee
  2  7 schedule established by rule of the department.  
  2  8 LSB 2952SS 78
  2  9 pf/cf/24

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