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House Study Bill 202

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 481A.38, subsection 2, Code 1999, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    2.  If the commission finds that the number of hunters
  1  4 licensed or the type of license issued to take deer or wild
  1  5 turkey should be limited or further regulated, the commission
  1  6 shall conduct a drawing to determine which applicants shall
  1  7 receive a license and the type of license adopt rules
  1  8 governing the issuances of the licenses.  Applications for
  1  9 licenses shall be received during a period established by the
  1 10 commission.  At the end of the period a drawing shall be
  1 11 conducted.  The commission may establish rules to issue
  1 12 licenses after the established application period.  If an
  1 13 applicant receives a deer license which is more restrictive
  1 14 than licenses issued to others for the same period and place,
  1 15 the applicant shall receive a certificate with the license
  1 16 entitling the applicant to priority in the drawing for the
  1 17 less restrictive deer licenses the following year.  The
  1 18 certificate must accompany that person's application the
  1 19 following year, or the applicant will not receive this
  1 20 priority.  Persons purchasing a deer license for the gun
  1 21 season under this section and under section 483A.1 are not
  1 22 eligible for a gun deer-hunting license under section 483A.24,
  1 23 except as authorized by rules of the department.  This
  1 24 subsection does not apply to the hunting of wild turkey on a
  1 25 hunting preserve licensed under chapter 484B.  
  1 26                           EXPLANATION 
  1 27    This bill eliminates the requirement for the department of
  1 28 natural resources to conduct a drawing when the number of deer
  1 29 or wild turkey licenses to be issued are limited.  The bill
  1 30 directs the natural resource commission to adopt
  1 31 administrative rules to govern the issuance of the limited
  1 32 number of hunting licenses.
  1 33    The bill also removes a restriction on the eligibility to
  1 34 purchase a gun deer license when licenses are limited if the
  1 35 purchaser also receives a free deer license as a landowner or
  2  1 tenant, and authorizes restrictions on the hunting of wild
  2  2 turkey on hunting preserves.  
  2  3 LSB 1253DP 78
  2  4 tj/gg/8.1

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