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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 28E.16, Code 1999, is amended to read
  1  2 as follows:
  1  3    28E.16  ELECTION FOR BONDS.
  1  4    When bonds which require a vote of the people are to be
  1  5 issued for financing joint facilities of a county and one or
  1  6 more cities within the county, pursuant to an agreement made
  1  7 under the authority of this chapter, or pursuant to other
  1  8 provisions of law, the board of supervisors and the council of
  1  9 each city shall arrange for a single election on the question
  1 10 of issuing the bonds, but if the county and the cities are
  1 11 proposing to make separate bond issues, the ballot shall
  1 12 contain separate questions, one to be voted upon by all voters
  1 13 of the county, and one or more to be voted upon only by the
  1 14 voters of the city which is to make a separate bond issue.
  1 15 The applicable bonding provisions of chapters 74, 75, 331 and
  1 16 384 shall apply to bonds voted upon or issued pursuant to an
  1 17 agreement made under this section.
  1 19 SALES TAX.
  1 20    A county or city shall not obligate its local option sales
  1 21 tax allocation under section 422B.10 to the authority before
  1 22 the voters have approved the imposition of the local option
  1 23 sales tax under chapter 422B.
  1 24    Sec. 3.  Section 346.27, subsection 10, Code 1999, is
  1 25 amended to read as follows:
  1 26    10.  After the incorporation of an authority, and before
  1 27 the sale of any issue of revenue bonds, except refunding
  1 28 bonds, the authority shall submit in a single countywide
  1 29 election to the registered voters of the city and county, at a
  1 30 general, primary, or special election called for that purpose,
  1 31 the question of whether an authority shall issue and sell
  1 32 revenue bonds, stating the amount, for any of the purposes for
  1 33 which it is incorporated.  An affirmative vote of a majority
  1 34 sixty percent of the votes cast on the proposition is required
  1 35 to authorize the issuance and sale of revenue bonds.  A notice
  2  1 of the election shall be published once each week for at least
  2  2 two weeks in some newspaper published in the county.  The
  2  3 notice shall name the time when the question shall be
  2  4 submitted, and a copy of the question to be submitted shall be
  2  5 posted at each polling place during the day of election.  The
  2  6 authority shall call this election with the concurrence of
  2  7 both incorporating units, and it shall establish the voting
  2  8 precincts and polling places, and appoint the election judges,
  2  9 and in so doing such election procedures shall be in
  2 10 accordance with the provisions of chapters 49 and 50.
  2 11    Sec. 4.  Section 346.27, subsection 22, Code 1999, is
  2 12 amended to read as follows:
  2 13    22.  When an incorporating unit enters into a lease with
  2 14 the authority, the governing body of the incorporating unit
  2 15 shall provide by ordinance or resolution for the levy and
  2 16 collection of a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the annual
  2 17 rent payable under the lease as and when it becomes due and
  2 18 payable.  The tax shall be levied and collected in like manner
  2 19 with the other taxes of the incorporating unit and shall be in
  2 20 addition to all other taxes authorized to be levied by that
  2 21 incorporating unit.  This tax shall not be included within and
  2 22 shall be in addition to any statutory limitation of rate or
  2 23 amount for that incorporating unit.  The tax may exceed and be
  2 24 in addition to any statutory limitation of rate or amount for
  2 25 that incorporating unit if the tax is approved by an
  2 26 affirmative vote of sixty percent of the votes cast on a
  2 27 proposition approving the increase in the statutory limitation
  2 28 on the rate or amount.  The fund realized from the tax levy
  2 29 shall be set aside for the payment of the annual rent and
  2 30 shall not be disbursed for any other purpose until the annual
  2 31 rental has been paid in full.  
  2 32                           EXPLANATION
  2 33    This bill requires cities and counties to follow the
  2 34 applicable bonding procedures when issuing bonds for
  2 35 construction or acquisition of a building constructed or
  3  1 acquired jointly by a city and county.  The bill increases to
  3  2 60 percent the majority necessary to approve issuance of
  3  3 revenue bonds for a joint facility and allows a city or county
  3  4 to exceed its statutory property tax rate limit to fund joint
  3  5 facility bonds approved by a 60 percent majority.
  3  6    Finally, the bill provides that a city or county's
  3  7 allocation of local option sales tax revenues shall not be
  3  8 obligated for construction or acquisition of a joint facility
  3  9 until the voters of the city or county have approved
  3 10 imposition of the sales tax in their jurisdiction.  
  3 11 LSB 6162YH 78
  3 12 sc/as/5

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