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House File 645

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 249A.12, subsections 2 and 3, Code
  1  2 1999, are amended to read as follows:
  1  3    2.  A county shall reimburse the department on a monthly
  1  4 basis for that portion of the cost of assistance provided
  1  5 under this section to a recipient with legal settlement in the
  1  6 county, which is not paid from federal funds, if the
  1  7 recipient's placement has been approved by the appropriate
  1  8 review organization as medically necessary and appropriate.  A
  1  9 county of legal settlement which has paid the service provider
  1 10 directly for that portion of the cost of assistance which is
  1 11 not paid from federal funds pursuant to section 249A.26 shall
  1 12 not be required to reimburse the state for the amount paid.
  1 13 The department's goal for the maximum time period for
  1 14 submission of a claim to a county is not more than sixty days
  1 15 following the submission of the claim by the provider of the
  1 16 service to the department.  The department's goal for
  1 17 completion and crediting of a county for cost settlement for
  1 18 the actual costs of a home and community-based waiver service
  1 19 is within two hundred seventy days of the close of a fiscal
  1 20 year for which cost reports are due from providers.  The
  1 21 department shall place all reimbursements from counties in the
  1 22 appropriation for medical assistance, and may use the
  1 23 reimbursed funds in the same manner and for any purpose for
  1 24 which the appropriation for medical assistance may be used.
  1 25    3.  If a county reimburses the department for medical
  1 26 assistance provided under this section or pays the service
  1 27 provider directly pursuant to section 249A.26 and the amount
  1 28 of medical assistance is subsequently repaid through a medical
  1 29 assistance income trust or a medical assistance special needs
  1 30 trust as defined in section 633.707, the department shall
  1 31 reimburse the county on a proportionate basis.  The department
  1 32 shall adopt rules to implement this subsection.
  1 33    Sec. 2.  Section 249A.26, Code 1999, is amended by adding
  1 34 the following new subsection:
  1 35    NEW SUBSECTION.  4.  If a county of legal settlement is
  2  1 liable in whole or part for the nonfederal share of medical
  2  2 assistance funding of the costs of a service provided to a
  2  3 person with mental illness, or mental retardation or other
  2  4 developmental disability, the service provider may bill the
  2  5 county directly for the amount of the county's liability.  The
  2  6 county's payment of the liability amount to the service
  2  7 provider shall be deemed to discharge the county
  2  8 responsibility to reimburse the state for that liability.  
  2  9                           EXPLANATION
  2 10    This bill authorizes a provider of medical assistance for
  2 11 mental health and mental retardation services for which the
  2 12 nonfederal share is a county liability to bill the liability
  2 13 amount directly to the county.  The bill amends Code chapter
  2 14 249A, relating to medical assistance (Medicaid), to allow for
  2 15 county payment of the direct billing by the provider in lieu
  2 16 of reimbursing the state.  
  2 17 LSB 1546HH 78
  2 18 jp/sc/14

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