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House File 419

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  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  693.6  TRANSMISSIONS OVER LAW
  1  3    1.  A law enforcement agency shall transmit in a timely
  1  4 manner information pertaining to an emergency situation over
  1  5 the law enforcement administrator's band in addition to any
  1  6 other band used by the agency.  An emergency situation
  1  7 includes when a criminal suspect is attempting to flee or
  1  8 elude a law enforcement officer, or any emergency situation
  1  9 that requires a multijurisdictional effort by law enforcement
  1 10 agencies.
  1 11    2.  The law enforcement administrator's telecommunications
  1 12 advisory committee created in the department of public safety
  1 13 shall be responsible for conducting an investigation of any
  1 14 violations of subsection 1.  Upon a finding of a violation,
  1 15 the committee may place the law enforcement agency on
  1 16 probation for a period of up to one year.  If the law
  1 17 enforcement agency commits a second or subsequent violation
  1 18 during the probationary period, the committee may levy and
  1 19 collect a civil penalty in the amount of one thousand dollars
  1 20 for each violation.
  1 21    3.  a.  The moneys received from civil penalties imposed
  1 22 under this section shall be deposited with the treasurer of
  1 23 state and the moneys shall be credited to the general fund of
  1 24 the state.  The chairperson of the law enforcement
  1 25 administrator's telecommunications advisory committee shall
  1 26 keep an accurate and detailed account of penalties received
  1 27 and paid to the treasurer of state.
  1 28    b.  An amount equal to the amount of moneys collected under
  1 29 subsection 2 is annually appropriated to the Iowa law
  1 30 enforcement academy to be used for telecommunicator training.
  1 31 The moneys received shall be certified by the chairperson to
  1 32 the director of revenue and finance, and if found correct, the
  1 33 director shall draw warrants upon the treasurer of state from
  1 34 the funds appropriated, to be used for the purpose stated in
  1 35 this paragraph.  
  2  1                           EXPLANATION
  2  2    This bill requires a law enforcement agency to use the law
  2  3 enforcement administrator's band (LEA) when broadcasting
  2  4 certain emergency situations over the radio.  The emergency
  2  5 situations that require use of the law enforcement
  2  6 administrator's band include situations in which a suspect is
  2  7 fleeing or eluding a police officer or an emergency situation
  2  8 that requires multjurisdictional cooperation between law
  2  9 enforcement agencies.
  2 10    If a law enforcement agency violates this bill, the law
  2 11 enforcement administrator's telecommunications advisory
  2 12 committee (LEATAC) may place the agency on probation for one
  2 13 year.  If the law enforcement agency violates this bill while
  2 14 on probation, LEATAC may penalize the agency by imposing a
  2 15 $1,000 civil penalty for each violation.  Civil penalties
  2 16 collected are appropriated to the law enforcement academy for
  2 17 telecommunicator training.  LEATAC is an advisory committee
  2 18 made up of department of public safety personnel and members
  2 19 of various law enforcement agencies.
  2 20    Existing law does not require a law enforcement agency to
  2 21 use LEA when communicating by radio.  
  2 22 LSB 1501HH 78
  2 23 jm/jw/5

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