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  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  613.17A  ASSISTANCE BY CRITICAL
  1  3    1.  As used in this section:
  1  4    a.  "Critical incident" means an extraordinary event that
  1  5 results in acute or cumulative psychological stress or trauma.
  1  6    b.  "Critical incident stress management" means a process
  1  7 of crisis intervention designed to assist emergency services
  1  8 personnel and victims of disasters and other extraordinary
  1  9 events in coping with the psychological trauma resulting from
  1 10 the emergency personnel's response to a critical incident.
  1 11    c.  "Critical incident stress management team" means the
  1 12 group of one or more volunteers who provides critical incident
  1 13 stress management services in response to a particular
  1 14 critical incident.
  1 15    2.  A person serving as part of a critical incident stress
  1 16 management team, who in good faith performs critical incident
  1 17 stress management, shall not be liable for any civil damages
  1 18 for acts or omissions occurring at the place of a critical
  1 19 incident or otherwise during critical incident stress
  1 20 management unless such acts or omissions constitute
  1 21 recklessness.
  1 22    3.  For purposes of this section, the fact that a team
  1 23 member may receive nominal compensation not based upon the
  1 24 value of the services provided shall not negate the limitation
  1 25 of liability in subsection 2.  
  1 26                           EXPLANATION 
  1 27    This bill relates to limitation of liability for services
  1 28 performed by critical incident stress management teams, which
  1 29 are groups of volunteers who provide stress management to
  1 30 emergency services personnel and victims of disasters and
  1 31 other extraordinary events following such an event.  A team
  1 32 member who provides such services in good faith is liable for
  1 33 damages arising from acts or omissions in connection with such
  1 34 services only if the acts or omissions constitute
  1 35 recklessness.
  2  1    The bill defines "critical incident", "critical incident
  2  2 stress management", and "critical incident stress management
  2  3 team".  The bill also provides that compensation received by
  2  4 the volunteer which is not related to the value of the
  2  5 services performed will not affect the limitation of liability
  2  6 provided by this bill.  
  2  7 LSB 1809YH 78
  2  8 jj/cf/24

Text: HF00294                           Text: HF00296
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