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Senate Journal: Page 1473: Wednesday, April 22, 1998

  The Senate resumed session at 8:10 p.m., President Kramer


  The following message was received from the Chief Clerk of the

  MADAM PRESIDENT:  I am directed to inform your honorable body that the
  House has on April 22, 1998, passed the following bill in which the
  concurrence of the
  House was asked:

  Senate File 2359, a bill for an act providing for a review of
  juvenile justice provisions involving child protection by the citizens'
  aide and providing an effective date.

  (Senate File 2381)

  A conference committee report signed by the following Senate and
  House members was filed April 22, 1998, on Senate File 2381, a bill
  for an act making appropriations from and to the rebuild Iowa
  infrastructure fund for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1998, to the
  division of soil conservation for deposit in the Loess Hills
  development and conservation fund; department of corrections for
  renovation of the power plant and improvements to the water system
  at the Iowa correctional institution for women, for the construction of
  an additional cellblock at the Fort Dodge correctional facility, and for
  the construction of a 200-bed facility at the Iowa state penitentiary at
  Fort Madison; department of cultural affairs for the creation of a
  historical site preservation grant program; department of economic
  development for a welcome center at Hamburg, to be deposited in the
  physical infrastructure assistance fund, and for deposit in the rural
  enterprise fund to be used for a dry fire hydrant and rural water
  supply education and demonstration project; department of education
  for infrastructure improvements to the community colleges;
  department of general services for major renovation needs for state-
  owned buildings and facilities, for critical and deferred maintenance
  at Terrace Hill, for relocation of offices and other transitions costs
  associated with the renovation of the Lucas state office building and
  the old historical building, for renovation of the Lucas state office

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