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House Journal: Page 1898: Tuesday, April 21, 1998

 5     2.  Page 1, line 37, by inserting after the word
 6   "application" the following:  ", and all information
 7   the designee communicated to the court".
 8     3.  Page 4, by inserting after line 48 the
 9   following:
10     "   .  Page 9, by inserting after line 8 the
11   following:
12     "Sec. ___.  NEW SECTION.  232.120  PREADOPTIVE CARE
14     If a foster parent is providing preadoptive care to
15   a child for whom a termination of parental rights
16   petition has been filed, the placement of the child
17   with that foster parent shall continue through the
18   termination of parental rights proceeding unless the
19   court orders otherwise based upon the best interests
20   of the child.""
21     4.  Page 5, by inserting after line 24, the
22   following:
23     "Sec. ___.  Section 600.12A, if enacted by the 1998
24   Iowa Acts, Senate File 2338, is amended by adding the
25   following new subsection:
26     NEW SUBSECTION.  1A.  If the person to be adopted
27   dies following termination of the parental rights of
28   the person's biological parents but prior to the
29   filing of an adoption petition, the person who was the
30   guardian or custodian of the person to be adopted
31   prior to the person's death or the person who was in a
32   parent-child relationship with the person to be
33   adopted prior to the person's death may file an
34   adoption petition and the court in the interest of
35   justice may waive any other procedures or requirements
36   related to the adoption, proceed to the adoption
37   hearing, and issue a final adoption decree, unless any
38   person to whom notice is to be provided pursuant to
39   section 600.11 objects to the adoption."
40     5.  By renumbering, relettering, or redesignating
41   and correcting internal references as necessary.
The motion prevailed and the House concurred in the Senate
amendment H-9324.
Boddicker of Cedar moved that the bill, as amended by the House,
further amended by the Senate and concurred in by the House, be
read a last time now and placed upon its passage which motion
prevailed and the bill was read a last time.
On the question "Shall the bill pass?" (S.F. 2345)

The ayes were, 98:

Arnold 	Barry 	Bell 	Bernau 
Blodgett 	Boddicker 	Boggess 	Bradley 

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