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House Journal: Page 1829: Monday, April 20, 1998

Senate File 2296, a bill for an act appropriating funds to the
department of economic development, certain board of regents
institutions, the department of workforce development, the
public employment relations board, making related statutory
changes, and providing an effective date provision.
Gipp of Winneshiek called up for consideration House File 2546,
a bill for an act relating to waste tires and tire-derived
fuels, amended by the Senate, and moved that the House concur in
the following Senate amendment H-9323:


 1     Amend House File 2546, as amended, passed, and
 2   reprinted by the House, as follows:
 3     1.  Page 1, line 8, by striking the word "shall"
 4   and inserting the following:  "may".
 5     2.  Page 1, by striking lines 10 through 19 and
 6   inserting the following:  "party."
 7     3.  Page 1, lines 25 through 27, by striking the
 8   words "other than a site located underground and
 9   holding a grain warehouse license,"
10     4.  Page 1, line 29, by striking the word "fifty"
11   and inserting the following:  "thirty-five".
12     5.  Page 1, by striking lines 30 through 32 and
13   inserting the following:  "equivalent collected by the
14   site and the prior to July 1, 1998.  The financial".
15     6.  Page 1, lines 34 and 35, by striking the words
16   "eighty-five" and inserting the following:  "eighty-
17   five thirty-five".
18     7.  Page 2, line 2, by inserting after the word
19   "department." the following:  "This paragraph shall
20   take effect July 1, 1999."
21     8.  Page 2, by striking lines 12 through 18 and
22   inserting the following:  "tire collection or
23   processing site, the financial assurance instrument
24   for a waste tire collection site shall provide
25   coverage in an amount which is equivalent to eighty-
26   five cents per passenger tire equivalent collected by
27   the site on or after July 1, 1998, and the financial
28   assurance instrument for a waste tire processing site
29   shall provide coverage in an amount which is
30   equivalent to eighty-five cents per passenger tire
31   equivalent collected for processing by the site which
32   is above the three-day processing supply of tires for
33   the site as determined by the department."
34     9.  By striking page 2, line 19, through page 3,
35   line 1.
36     10.  By renumbering, relettering, or redesignating
37   and correcting internal references as necessary.

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