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House Journal: Page 1545: Monday, April 13, 1998

21   hundred thirty-three percent of the federal poverty
22   level, as defined by the most recently revised poverty
23   income guidelines published by the United States
24   department of health and human services.
25     2.  A child may participate in the HAWK-I program
26   if the child".
27     59.  Page 12, by striking lines 22 through 24 and
28   inserting the following:
29     "___.  Is not eligible for medical assistance
30   pursuant to chapter 249A."
31     60.  Page 13, line 2, by inserting after the word
32   "eligible" the following:  "for the program pending a
33   final eligibility determination".
34     61.  Page 13, by striking lines 6 and 7 and
35   inserting the following:  "the administrative
36   contractor shall conduct a review of the circumstances
37   of the eligible child's family to establish
38   eligibility and cost sharing for the subsequent
39   twelve-month period."
40     62.  Page 13, by inserting after line 14 the
41   following:
42     "___.  The board shall study and shall make
43   recommendations to the governor and to the general
44   assembly regarding the level of family income which is
45   appropriate for application of the program, and the
46   feasibility of allowing families with incomes above
47   the level of eligibility for the program to purchase
48   insurance for children through the program.
49     ___.  The board and the council on human services
50   shall cooperate and seek appropriate coordination in

Page 8

 1   administration of the program and the medical
 2   assistance program and shall develop a plan for a
 3   unified medical assistance and HAWK-I program system
 4   which includes the use of a single health insurance
 5   card by enrollees of either program."
 6     63.  Page 13, by striking lines 22 through 26 and
 7   inserting the following:  "the results of the initial
 8   benefits package used."
 9     64.  Page 14, lines 8 and 9, by striking the words
10   "a minimum of two percent" and inserting the
11   following:  "at least a minimum amount".
12     65.  Page 14, by inserting after line 13, the
13   following:
15   BOARD.  The members of the HAWK-I board shall be
16   appointed within thirty days of enactment of this Act
17   and may begin performing board duties prior to the
18   beginning of the official commencement of the terms of
19   the appointed board members as provided under this
20   Act.

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