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House Journal: Page 1476: Monday, April 13, 1998

Senate File 2417, by committee on appropriations, a bill for
an act establishing a railroad revolving loan fund and making an
Read first time and referred to committee on appropriations.
Leave of absence was granted as follows:
Cataldo of Polk on request of Moreland of Wapello.
Arnold of Lucas called up for consideration House File 2290, a
bill for an act relating to the civil damages and penalties for
the illegal taking of antlered deer, amended by the Senate
amendment H-8758 as follows:


 1     Amend House File 2290, as amended, passed, and
 2   reprinted by the House, as follows:
 3     1.  Page 1, by inserting before line 1 the
 4   following:
 5     "Section 1.  Section 481A.93, Code 1997, is amended
 6   to read as follows:
 8     1.  A person shall not throw or cast the rays of a
 9   spotlight, headlight, or other artificial light on a
10   highway, or in a field, woodland, or forest for the
11   purpose of spotting, locating, or taking or attempting
12   to take or hunt a bird or animal, except raccoons or
13   other fur-bearing animals when treed with the aid of
14   dogs, while having in possession or control, either
15   singly or as one of a group of persons, any firearm,
16   bow, or other implement or device whereby a bird or
17   animal could be killed or taken.
18     2.  This section does not apply to deer being taken
19   by or under the control of a local governmental body
20   within its corporate limits pursuant to an approved
21   special deer population control plan."
22     2.  Page 1, by inserting after line 12 the
23   following:
24     "Sec. ___.  Section 481C.2, Code Supplement 1997,
25   is amended to read as follows:
26     481C.2  DUTIES.
27     The director of the department of natural resources
28   shall enter into a memorandum of agreement with the
29   United States department of agriculture, animal damage
30   control division.  The wild animal depredation unit

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