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House Journal: Page 909: Tuesday, March 24, 1998

11   waters of the state.  The department shall conduct
12   independent field investigations of the various mussel
13   beds in boundary waters of this state.  The department
14   shall fund up to fifty percent of the cost of the
15   field investigations with the commercial mussel
16   industry contributing the remainder.  The department
17   shall contract with a malacologist who is acceptable
18   to the commercial mussel industry and the department
19   to conduct the study and investigation.  The
20   department shall review current scientific studies
21   conducted by other state natural resource agencies,
22   federal wildlife and natural resource agencies, and
23   private parties including commercial fishers, shell
24   buyers, and shell exporters.
25     The department shall report its findings to the
26   chairpersons and ranking members of the house
27   committee on natural resources and the senate
28   committee on natural resources and environment not
29   later than January 15, 2000.  Notwithstanding
30   paragraph "c", if the data in the report supports a
31   closed season for washboard mussels, the natural
32   resource commission may consider closing the season
33   for washboard mussels.
34     c.  Notwithstanding sections 481A.38, 481A.39,
35   482.1, and 482.12, for the year beginning January 1,
36   1998, and ending December 31, 1999, the open season
37   for taking washboard mussels shall be from April 1 to
38   August 31.  Washboard mussels shall be taken only
39   during the hours between sunrise and sunset.  The
40   minimum size limit for the taking of washboard mussels
41   shall be four inches."
42     3.  Page 18, by inserting after line 12 the
43   following:
44     "   .  Section 3, subsection 7, paragraph "c", of
45   this Act, being deemed of immediate importance, takes
46   effect upon enactment."
A non-record roll call was requested.
Rule 75 was invoked.
The ayes were 48, nays 50.
The motion to suspend the rules lost.
Greiner of Washington moved that the bill be read a last time
now and placed upon its passage which motion prevailed and the
bill was read a last time.
On the question "Shall the bill pass?" (S.F. 2295)

The ayes were, 61:

Arnold 	Barry 	Blodgett 	Boddicker 

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