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House Journal: Page 906: Tuesday, March 24, 1998

 8   deposited in the general fund of the state to the
 9   department of natural resources for the fiscal year
10   beginning July 1, 1998, and ending June 30, 1999, for
11   purposes of funding capital projects traditionally
12   funded from marine fuel tax receipts for the purposes
13   specified in section 452A.79, the department of
14   natural resources shall allocate the following amount
15   for the purpose designated:
16     To local sponsors of a dredging operation at
17   crystal lake in Hancock county for purposes of
18   performing the dredging operations:
19  		 $	    250,000
20     Moneys allocated under this section shall be
21   available upon a match by local sponsors of one dollar
22   for each one dollar of state moneys."
23     2.  By renumbering as necessary.
A non-record roll call was requested.
The ayes were 34, nays 41.
Amendment H-8590 lost.
Jochum of Dubuque offered the following amendment H-8534 filed
by her and moved its adoption:


 1     Amend Senate File 2295, as amended, passed, and
 2   reprinted by the Senate, as follows:
 3     1.  Page 16, by inserting after line 18 the
 4   following:
 6   SOIL CONDITIONERS.  The department of agriculture and
 7   land stewardship shall conduct a study regarding the
 8   use of ingredients by manufacturers of commercial
 9   fertilizers and soil conditioners to determine the
10   extent to which more effective controls should be
11   placed upon the use of commercial fertilizers and soil
12   conditioners containing heavy metals derived from
13   industrial waste materials.  The department shall
14   consider the extent to which the use of the heavy
15   metals poses a risk to human health and the
16   environment.  The department shall consider the need
17   for more stringent labeling requirements and
18   standards.  The department shall consult with other
19   state agencies and agencies of the federal government
20   in conducting this study.  The department shall report
21   the findings and any recommendations to the general
22   assembly not later than January 1, 1999."
23     2.  By renumbering as necessary.
Amendment H-8534 lost.

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