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House Journal: Page 904: Tuesday, March 24, 1998

29   long-term surface water monitoring program which
30   includes, at a minimum, all of the following elements:
31     a.  A significant number of fixed monitoring sites
32   selected to include a full array of geographical
33   conditions and watershed sizes.
34     b.  Inclusion of lakes, reservoirs, ponds, and
35   wetlands in regular surface water monitoring.
36     c.  High frequency of sampling at a significant
37   number of fixed station sites to provide information
38   on contaminant concentration and movement.
39     d.  Analysis of samples for common pesticides at
40   all fixed station sites and analysis of pesticide
41   metabolites at all fixed station sites located at
42   large river monitoring sites.
43     e.  Implementation of watershed-based rotational
44   monitoring where a portion of the watersheds are
45   intensively monitored on a cyclical basis of one out
46   of every five years.
47     f.  Incorporation of biological monitoring into the
48   monitoring for all sites.
49     g.  Problem assessment and research.
50     2.  The commission shall establish and administer a

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 1   long-term groundwater monitoring program which
 2   includes, at a minimum, the following elements:
 3     a.  Fixed station, long-term monitoring to collect
 4   baseline data for trend analysis in six major
 5   aquifers.  Water levels at the aquifer sites shall be
 6   monitored and each site shall be regularly sampled for
 7   inorganics, common herbicides, and selected volatile
 8   organic compounds.
 9     b.  An ambient rotational groundwater quality
10   monitoring program conducted in cooperation with the
11   United States geological survey and the university of
12   Iowa hygienic laboratory.
13     c.  Identification of groundwater quality issues
14   and conducting of research needed to address the
15   issues.  The issues shall initially include, but not
16   be limited to, all of the following:
17     (1)  Identification of storage and handling of
18   hazardous materials and facilities.
19     (2)  The relative contribution of point and
20   nonpoint sources of groundwater contamination.
21     (3)  Organic chemicals in unsaturated zones.
22     (4)  The effects of large withdrawals on aquifers.
23     (5)  Identification of recharge zones for all
24   aquifers."
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