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House Journal: Page 859: Monday, March 23, 1998

Siegrist of Pottawattamie asked and received unanimous consent
that the following bills be immediately messaged to the Senate:
Senate Files 2340, 2189 and 2192.
A communication was received from the Governor announcing that
on March 23, 1998, he approved and transmitted to the Secretary
of State the following bills:
House Joint Resolution 2004, a joint resolution designating by
name an official highest elevation in the State of Iowa.
House File 2218, an act appropriating federal funds made
available from federal block grants and other federal grants,
allocating portions of federal block grants, and providing
procedures if federal funds are more or less than anticipated or
if federal block grants are more or less than anticipated. 
The following communication was received and filed in the office
of the Chief Clerk:
The Fiscal Year 1997 Annual Report, pursuant to Chapter 8D, Code
of Iowa.
MR. SPEAKER: The Chief Clerk of the House respectfully reports
that certificates of recognition have been issued as follows.
Chief Clerk of the House
1998\314	Coach Denny Thiessen & the Prairie High School Boys'
Basketball Team, Cedar Rapids - For winning the 1998 Class 3-A
Iowa State Boys' Basketball Championship.
1998\315	Julius Werthmann, Davenport - For celebrating his 95th
1998\316	Coach Chris Jans & the Kirkwood Community College Men's
Basketball Team - For winning the 1998 National Junior College
Athletic Association Division II Championship.
1998\317	Mary and Lloyd Coulter, Missouri Valley - For
celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
1998\318	Kathryn Greer, Missouri Valley - For celebrating her
85th birthday.
1998\319	Alex Power, Cedar Falls - For being named Individual
Champion of the 1998 Iowa Mathcounts Competition.

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