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House Journal: Page 660: Thursday, March 12, 1998

21   establish and administer a program to provide
22   financial incentives to support conservation practices
23   on land where confinement feeding operations are
24   located.  A landowner who chooses to participate in
25   the program must establish the conservation practice
26   according to an agreement in which the landowner
27   promises to establish and maintain the conservation
28   practice in return for financial incentives.
29     2.  A conservation practice includes any practice
30   which is designed to protect environmental quality
31   from activities associated with a confinement feeding
32   operation, including all of the following:
33     a.  Water quality practices designed to protect
34   water sources, including but not limited to the stream
35   buffer strip establishment, erosion control structure
36   construction, the establishment of permanent grass and
37   buffer zones, filter strips, and erosion control
38   structures, and practices to mitigate the effects of
39   concentrated contamination on surface and subsurface
40   water quality from manure originating from confinement
41   feeding operations.
42     b.  Air quality practices, including but not
43   limited to the establishment of stands of fast growing
44   trees or wind barriers around confinement feeding
45   operations and agricultural land where manure is
46   stored or applied.
47     3.  The financial incentives shall be allocated by
48   the division on a cost-share basis which does not
49   exceed fifty percent of the estimated cost of
50   establishing the practices, or fifty percent of the

Page 5

 1   actual cost, whichever is less.
 2     4.  The division shall adopt rules necessary to
 3   administer this section."
 4     7.  Page 41, by inserting before line 14, the
 5   following:
 6     "Sec. ___.  STUDY.  The university of Iowa, Iowa
 7   state university, and the university of northern Iowa,
 8   under the direction of the state board of regents,
 9   shall cooperate in performing a study of the social
10   and economic impacts associated with the expansion of
11   confinement feeding operations in this state.  The
12   universities shall prepare and submit a report to the
13   general assembly not later than January 1, 2000."
14     8.  By renumbering as necessary.
Amendment H-8352 lost.
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