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House Journal: Page 612: Wednesday, March 11, 1998

 2   insurance is as provided by law.  The appropriation
 3   for the office of consumer advocate on insurance shall
 4   be a separate line item contained in the appropriation
 5   from the general fund of the state to the department
 6   of justice.
 7     Sec. ___.  NEW SECTION.  507F.4  INSURANCE DIVISION
 9     The consumer advocate on insurance has free access
10   to all the files, records, and documents in the office
11   of the insurance division except:
12     1.  Personal information in confidential personnel
13   records of the insurance division.
14     2.  Records which represent and constitute the work
15   product of the general counsel of the insurance
16   division where the records relate to a proceeding
17   before the division in which the consumer advocate is
18   a party or a proceeding in any state or federal court
19   in which both the division and the consumer advocate
20   are parties.
21     3.  Insurer information of a confidential nature
22   which could jeopardize an insurer's competitive status
23   and is provided by an insurer to the division.
24   However, such information shall be provided to the
25   consumer advocate by the insurance division, if the
26   division determines it to be in the public interest.
27     Sec. ___.  NEW SECTION.  507F.5  SERVICE.
28     The consumer advocate on insurance is entitled to
29   service of all documents required by statute or rule
30   to be served on parties in proceedings before the
31   insurance division and all notices, petitions,
32   applications, complaints, answers, motions, and other
33   pleadings filed pursuant to statute or rule with the
34   division.
35     Sec. ___.  NEW SECTION.  507F.6  CONSUMER ADVOCATE
37     The attorney general shall appoint seven members to
38   a consumer advocate on insurance advisory committee to
39   meet at the request of the consumer advocate for
40   consultation regarding the protection of public rights
41   in insurance regulation.  A member shall be appointed
42   from each congressional district with the appointee
43   residing within the district at the time of the
44   appointment.  The remaining appointees shall be
45   members at large.  Members shall be appointed which
46   represent the various sectors of the population and
47   appointments shall be made in compliance with section
48   69.16 and 69.16A.  The members shall serve four-year
49   terms and their appointments are not subject to
50   confirmation by the senate.  A vacancy shall be filled

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 1   in the same manner as the original appointment for the

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