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Senate Journal: Page 1436: Thursday, April 24, 1997

  1436 JOURNAL OF THE SENATE 102nd Day


  April 24, 1997

  The Honorable Mary Kramer
  President of the Senate
  State Capitol Building
  L O C A L

  Dear Madam President:

  Senate File 519, an act relating to the authorized use and users of the Iowa
  communications network and providing an effective date, is hereby
  disapproved and
  transmitted to you in accordance with Article III, Section 16, of the
  Constitution of the
  State of Iowa.

  Senate File 519 attempts to define more specifically than current code the
  appropriate uses and users of the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). The
  bill adds
  definitions to Code section 8D.2 for "authorized use", "authorized user",
  use", "library", "state agency", and "telemedicine". The bill authorizes
  certain uses of
  the network. It prohibits dial-up access to the internet by an authorized
  user from a
  remote site.

  Last year, the Legislature authorized an Authorized User and Use Task Force.
  Task Force succeeded in defining "Authorized User" and the Iowa
  and Technology Commission is currently promulgating new rules that implement
  consensus developed by the Task Force on this issue. The Task Force failed
  to reach a
  consensus on remote dial-up access to the ICN for Internet services.

  The overriding mission of the network is to foster educational opportunities
  to all
  areas of the state. Closely scrutinizing actions that significantly impact
  the network
  ensures that the network's mission is not impaired. Unfortunately, Senate
  File 519
  unduly restricts dial-up access to the network to the detriment of important
  users of
  the network.

  For example, Senate File 519 would require our higher education institutions
  dramatically change the educational services offered to the students or face
  additional financial burdens. Our Regent institutions have offered student
  access to the Internet since 1987; Senate File 519 requires a change to that
  More study is needed to ensure that the limitations placed on dial-up access
  do not
  unnecessarily restrict the quality of education in Iowa.

  For the above reasons, I hereby respectfully disapprove Senate File 519.


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