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Senate Journal: Page 909: Wednesday, April 2, 1997

  80th Day WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 1997 909
  fingerprints and photographs of certain juveniles, permitting victims
  to make oral victim impact statements in juvenile proceedings,
  making changes related to the supplying of alcohol to persons under
  the age of twenty-one, providing for sharing of information regarding
  delinquent juveniles and juveniles under the jurisdiction of various
  social services agencies, providing for shared jurisdiction between the
  adult and juvenile courts over youthful offenders, changing the
  criteria for placement in the state training school or other facility,
  making changes relating to state reimbursement for expenses of
  court-appointed attorneys in juvenile court, permitting the release of
  information relating to juveniles who have escaped from a detention
  facility, providing for notification of juvenile court authorities of
  unexcused absences or suspensions or expulsions of students who are
  on probation, providing for bailiff and other law enforcement
  assistance to associate juvenile judges, including arrest or disposition
  or custody or adjudication data in criminal history data kept by the
  department of public safety, authorizing school officials to conduct
  searches of students and their lockers and other spaces and to report
  possession or use of alcohol or controlled substances to law
  enforcement authorities, was taken up for reconsideration.

  Senator Angelo called up the motion to reconsider the vote by
  which division S-3236C was adopted by the Senate on April 1, 1997,
  found on page 906 of the Senate Journal and moved its adoption.

  The motion prevailed by a voice vote and division S-3236C by
  Senators Maddox, et al., was taken up for reconsideration.

  Senator Angelo offered amendment S-3327 filed by him from the
  floor to division S-3236C and moved its adoption.

  Amendment S-3327 was adopted by a voice vote.

  Senator Maddox moved the adoption of division S-3236C as

  A non record roll call was requested.

  The ayes were 24, nays 19.

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