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House Journal: Page 1652: Monday, April 28, 1997

26   private moneys at a rate of two dollars of private
27   moneys for each dollar of state appropriated moneys.
28     Notwithstanding section 8.33, the unencumbered or
29   unobligated moneys remaining on June 30 of the fiscal
30   year from moneys appropriated in this section may be
31   expended during the following fiscal year for the same
32   purpose.
34     Sec. 2.  There is appropriated from the rebuild
35   Iowa infrastructure fund to the department of general
36   services for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1997,
37   and ending June 30, 1998, the following amounts, or so
38   much thereof as is necessary, to be used for the
39   purposes designated:
40     1.  For major maintenance needs including health,
41   life, and fire safety, for compliance with the federal
42   Americans with Disabilities Act for state-owned
43   buildings and facilities:
44  		 $	  7,000,000
45     2.  For critical and deferred maintenance at
46   Terrace Hill:
47  		 $	    100,000
48     As a condition of receiving this appropriation made
49   in this subsection, private matching funds must be
50   contributed on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Page 2  

 1     3.  For relocation of offices and other transition
 2   costs associated with renovation of the Lucas state
 3   office building and the old historical building:
 4  		 $	  1,300,000
 5     4.  For relocating the state library:
 6  		 $	  1,000,000
 7     5.  To fund the state share of the capitol gateway
 8   east development project in conjunction with the city
 9   of Des Moines:
10  		 $	     50,000
11     6.  For the installation of storm drainage,
12   grading, new asphalt, new lighting, and striping of
13   capitol complex parking lots 4 and 5 in accordance
14   with capitol complex renovation plans, provided that
15   not more than $450,000 shall be used for lot 4 and not
16   more than $105,000 shall be used for lot 5, and
17   provided that existing capitol complex construction
18   plans do not conflict with the parking lot
19   improvements:
20  		 $	    555,000
21     7.  For filling cracks, resurfacing, new
22   handicapped parking signs which comply with the
23   provisions of chapter 321L, as amended by 1997 Iowa
24   Acts, House File 688, and striping capitol complex
25   parking lots 13 and 15 in accordance with capitol

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