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House Journal: Page 1649: Monday, April 28, 1997

14   amount reported in the".
15     4.  Page 10, by striking lines 12 through 20.
16     5.  Page 10, by inserting after line 20 the
17   following:
18     "Sec. 100.  Section 331.439, Code 1997, is amended
19   by adding the following new subsection:
20     NEW SUBSECTION.  8.  A county's management plans
21   submitted under this section shall allow for the
22   service needs of all ages of persons for whom
23   expenditures may be made from the county's services
24   fund.
26   PROVISION.  Section 100 of this division of this Act,
27   being deemed of immediate importance, takes effect
28   upon enactment.  The requirements of section 100 shall
29   first apply to county mental health, mental
30   retardation, and developmental disabilities services
31   plans submitted under section 331.439 applicable to
32   the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1997.  If a county's
33   management plan for that fiscal year was submitted
34   prior to the effective date of section 100 and is not
35   in compliance with the provisions of section 100 of
36   this Act, the county shall submit an amendment to the
37   management plan as necessary for compliance.  The
38   amendment shall be submitted within 60 days of the
39   effective date of section 100 and is subject to the
40   approval provisions of section 331.439."
41     6.  Title page, line 8, by inserting after the
42   word "retardation" the following:  "and including an
43   effective date and an applicability provision".
44     7.  By renumbering, relettering, or redesignating
45   and correcting internal references as necessary.
Houser of Pottawattamie offered the following amendment H-1959,
to the Senate amendment H-1902, filed by him from the floor and
moved its adoption:


 1     Amend the Senate amendment, H-1902, to House File
 2   702, as amended, passed, and reprinted by the House,
 3   as follows:
 4     1.  Page 1, by inserting after line 11 the
 5   following:
 6     "___.  Page 9, by inserting after line 25 the
 7   following:
 8     "Sec. ___.  1997 Iowa Acts, House File 715, section
 9   22, relating to the mental health and developmental
10   disabilities community services fund, if enacted, is
11   amended by adding the following new subsection:
12     NEW SUBSECTION.  9.  The department, following
13   consultation with the Iowa state association of
14   counties, may adopt emergency rules as necessary for

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