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House Journal: Page 1560: Thursday, April 24, 1997

21   dissemination functions of the foundation.
22     4.  Determine methods for reporting foundation
23   activities that impact Iowa education.  The study
24   committee shall report its findings and
25   recommendations in a report to the general assembly by
26   October 1, 1997.
27     The department of education shall require the".
28     2.  Page 2, line 20, by inserting after the word
29   "shall" the following:  ", by June 30, 1998,".
30     3.  Page 4, by striking lines 5 through 9 and
31   inserting the following:
32     "1.  The director of an accredited program of
33   library science at an institution of higher learning
34   under the control of the state board of regents.  The
35   director shall be the chairperson of the task force."
36     4.  Page 4, by striking lines 31 through 44 and
37   inserting the following:
38     "The task force shall design an action plan with
39   the intent of promoting cooperation between all
40   libraries, public and private, within the state.  The
41   task force shall utilize information gathered for the
42   1996 Iowa joint use library guide.  The task force is
43   encouraged to be creative in terms of funding and
44   redesigning the current system of public and private
45   libraries, including, but not limited to, a study of
46   the feasibility of colocating school district
47   libraries and public libraries and potential pilot
48   projects.  Every effort shall be made to develop a
49   plan for cooperation at the existing level of state
50   funding for libraries.  The task force shall also

Page 2  

 1   examine library cooperation efforts within the state
 2   and in other states.  The task force shall make
 3   recommendations to the general assembly by December 1,
 4   1997.""
 5     5.  Page 5, by striking line 27 and inserting the
 6   following:  "256A.3.
 7     Sec. ___.  Section 19A.3, subsection 24, unnumbered
 8   paragraph 2, Code 1997, is amended to read as follows:
 9     The director of the department of personnel shall
10   negotiate agreements an agreement with the director
11   the department for the blind and with the director of
12   the department of education concerning the
13   applicability of the merit system to the professional
14   employees of their respective agencies the
15   for the blind.
16     Sec. ___.  Section 256.10, Code 1997, is amended to
17   read as follows:
19     The salary of the director shall be fixed by the
20   governor within a range established by the general

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