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House Journal: Page 1156: Thursday, April 10, 1997

The bill having received a constitutional majority was declared
to have passed the House and the title was agreed to.
Siegrist of Pottawattamie asked and received unanimous consent
that the following bills be immediately messaged to the Senate:
Senate Files 176, 501 and 230.
Senate File 503, a bill for an act relating to criminal justice,
by providing for enhanced punishment for manufacturing
methamphetamine in the presence of minors, providing
restrictions on public nudity and actual or simulated public
performance of sex acts in certain establishments, making
changes related to escape and voluntary absence from custody or
a correctional facility, establishing the offense of promoting
or possessing contraband in prisons, jails, and juvenile
facilities, providing for abatement of nuisance created by
certain establishments which allow or permit public nudity or
actual or simulated public performances of sex acts in their
establishment, providing for hormonal intervention therapy for
persons convicted of certain sex offenses, imposing consecutive
sentences for escapes from or crimes committed while confined in
detention facilities or penal institutions, authorizing
probation supervision and revocation by administrative parole
and probation judges in the sixth judicial district, making
changes related to work programs for inmates and criminal
defendants, providing restitution for death of a victim of a
crime, and providing penalties and an effective date, with
report of committee recommending amendment and passage, was
taken up for consideration.
Lamberti of Polk offered the following amendment H-1569 filed by
the committee on judiciary and moved its adoption:


 1     Amend Senate File 503, as amended, passed, and
 2   reprinted by the Senate, as follows:
 3     1.  By striking everything after the enacting
 4   clause and inserting the following:
 5     "Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  124.401C  MANUFACTURING
 7     1.  In addition to any other penalties provided in
 8   this chapter, a person who is eighteen years of age or
 9   older and who either directly or by extraction from
10   natural substances, or independently by means of
11   chemical processes, or both, unlawfully manufactures
12   methamphetamine, its salts, isomers, and salts of its
13   isomers in the presence of a minor shall be sentenced
14   up to an additional term of confinement of five years.

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