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House Journal: Page 484: Tuesday, March 4, 1997

22   hundredths percent.
23     g.  On all taxable income exceeding twenty thousand
24   dollars but not exceeding thirty thousand dollars,
25   seven five and fifty-five twenty-five
26   percent.
27     h.  On all taxable income exceeding thirty thousand
28   dollars but not exceeding forty-five thousand dollars,
29   eight five and eight-tenths twenty-five
30   percent.
31     i.  On all taxable income exceeding forty-five
32   thousand dollars, nine six and ninety-eight
33   eight-tenths percent.
34     Sec. ___.  Section 422.9, subsection 1, Code 1997,
35   is amended to read as follows:
36     1.  An optional standard deduction, after deduction
37   of federal income tax, equal to one thousand two
38   hundred thirty dollars for a married person who files
39   separately or a single person or equal to three
40   thousand thirty dollars for a husband and wife who
41   file a joint return, a surviving spouse, or an
42   unmarried head of household.  The optional standard
43   deduction shall not exceed the amount remaining after
44   deduction of the federal income tax.  The amount of
45   the federal income taxes deducted shall not exceed the
46   amount as computed under subsection 2, paragraph "b".
47     Sec. ___.  Section 422.9, subsection 2, paragraph
48   b, Code 1997, is amended by striking the paragraph and
49   inserting in lieu thereof the following:
50     b.  Add the amount of federal income taxes paid

Page 2  

 1   with the federal return or as a result of an
 2   adjustment to a federal return for tax years ending
 3   prior to January 1, 1997.  Subtract the amount of
 4   federal income tax refunds received for a tax year to
 5   the extent that the federal income tax was deducted in
 6   a previous tax year.
 7     Sec. ___.  This Act applies retroactively to
 8   January 1, 1997".
 9     2.  Title page, lines 1 and 2, by striking the
10   words "by fifteen percent" and inserting the
11   following:  ", and eliminating the deduction for
12   federal income taxes paid,".
Rants of Woodbury rose on a point of order that amendment       
     H-1132 was not germane.
The Speaker ruled the point well taken and amendment H-1132 not
Schrader of Marion asked for unanimous consent to suspend the
rules to consider amendment H-1132.

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