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House Journal: Page 331: Monday, February 17, 1997

Page   6

 1  directly or indirectly, make a loan to a member of the
 2  house or to an employee of the house.
 3     A loan prohibited under this section does not
 4  include a loan made in the ordinary course of business
 5  of a lobbyist if the primary business of the lobbyist
 6  is something other than lobbying, if consideration of
 7  equal or greater value is received by the lobbyist,
 8  and if fair market value is given or received for the
 9  benefit conferred.
10     16.  HONORARIA - RESTRICTIONS.  A lobbyist or
11  client of a lobbyist shall not pay an honorarium to a
12  member or employee of the house for a speaking
13  engagement or other formal public appearance in the
14  official capacity of the member or employee except as
15  otherwise provided in section 68B.23 of the Code.
16     17.  COMPLAINTS.  The procedures for complaints and
17  enforcement of these rules shall be the same as those
18  provided in the house code of ethics.
19     18.  PROCEDURES AND FORMS.  The chief clerk of the
20  house, subject to the approval of the house ethics
21  committee, shall prescribe procedures for compliance
22  with these rules, and shall prepare forms for the
23  filing of complaints and make them available to any
24  person.
The motion prevailed and the resolution was adopted.
House File 92, a bill for an act relating to eligibility for
receipt of moneys under the school improvement technology
program, with report of committee recommending amendment and
passage, was taken up for consideration.
Brunkhorst of Bremer offered the following amendment H-1022
filed by the committee on education and moved its adoption:

 1     Amend House File 92 as follows:
 2     1.  Page 1, line 20, by inserting after the word
 3   "through" the following:  "3, 5, 7, and".
 4     2.  Page 1, line 29, by inserting after the word
 5   "through" the following:  "3, 5, 7, and".
 6     3.  Page 1, line 31, by inserting after the word
 7   "services" the following:  ", as provided in section
 8   218.1, subsections 3 and 5,".
 9     4.  By striking page 1, line 34, through page 2,
10   line 1, and inserting the following:  "proportionately
11   between the two institutes."
12     5.  Page 2, line 17, by striking the words
13   "Technology plans" and inserting the following:

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