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Senate Resolution 122

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  1  1                SENATE RESOLUTION NO. ___
  1  2                 BY  MADDOX AND DVORSKY
  1  3 A Senate Resolution honoring Mr. Walt Saur upon his retire-
  1  4    ment as Chairperson of the Iowa Board of Parole.
  1  5    WHEREAS, Mr. Walt Saur has announced his retirement
  1  6 after two decades of service as chairperson of the
  1  7 Iowa Board of Parole; and
  1  8    WHEREAS, Mr. Saur, as chairperson of the Board of
  1  9 Parole, has led the board to skillfully strike a fair
  1 10 balance between the needs of citizens for public
  1 11 safety through the continued incarceration of
  1 12 dangerous inmates and the desire to release inmates
  1 13 who are able and willing to fulfill the obligations of
  1 14 a law-abiding citizen; and
  1 15    WHEREAS, during his service as chairperson, Mr.
  1 16 Saur promoted and implemented computerized
  1 17 recordkeeping for the Board of Parole which has
  1 18 greatly contributed to providing the Board of Parole
  1 19 with the information it needs to render good
  1 20 decisions; and
  1 21    WHEREAS, the success of the Board of Parole under
  1 22 Mr. Saur's leadership is exemplified by the fact that
  1 23 approximately 19 percent of Iowa prison system
  1 24 parolees are reincarcerated, well below the 32 percent
  1 25 average recidivision rate for inmates in all state
  1 26 prison systems; and
  1 27    WHEREAS, the Board of Parole is charged with the
  1 28 difficult and thankless job, critical to the efficient
  1 29 operation of the correctional system in this state, of
  1 30 determining whether a particular inmate has served a
  2  1 sufficient amount of time and can be safely released
  2  2 from prison prior to the expiration of the inmate's
  2  3 term, and therefore, members of the Board of Parole
  2  4 including Chairperson Saur, deserve the thanks of all
  2  5 Iowans for their public service; NOW THEREFORE,
  2  6    BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That tribute be paid
  2  7 to Mr. Walt Saur for his devoted service to the Iowa
  2  8 Board of Parole, the correctional system of this
  2  9 state, and the citizens of this state, and, upon his
  2 10 retirement, be wished health and happiness in the
  2 11 years ahead; and
  2 12    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That an official copy of
  2 13 this Resolution be prepared and presented to Mr. Walt
  2 14 Saur.  
  2 15 LSB 4423SS 77
  2 16 ec/jl/8

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