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Senate File 2198

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  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  15.109A  INTERNATIONAL VISITORS
  1  2 – PROTOCOL.
  1  3    The department shall develop protocol to be used when
  1  4 international representatives visit the state and shall
  1  5 provide copies of that protocol to state agencies.  The
  1  6 department shall develop the protocol in cooperation with
  1  7 representatives from the executive and legislative branches.
  1  8 The protocol shall address, but is not limited to, all of the
  1  9 following:
  1 10    1.  Coordinating with the director of the department of
  1 11 general services to maintain an additional flagpole at the
  1 12 state capitol for the flying of the flag of an official
  1 13 delegation or representative of the government of a foreign
  1 14 country during the visit.  The director shall obtain the flags
  1 15 of visitors to the state to be used during these visits.
  1 16    2.  Coordinating with local governments to provide for
  1 17 special parking for the vehicles of official international
  1 18 visitors to the state.
  1 19    3.  Assisting in the development of business cards for the
  1 20 use of state agency representatives and elected officials who
  1 21 travel or who receive international representatives.  The
  1 22 business cards shall be printed in the languages of the
  1 23 countries in which the state agency representatives or elected
  1 24 officials will travel or will receive international
  1 25 representatives.  
  1 26                           EXPLANATION
  1 27    This bill directs the department of economic development to
  1 28 develop protocol to be used by official representatives of the
  1 29 state in interaction with international visitors to the state.
  1 30 The bill provides for inclusion of certain items in the
  1 31 protocol including those relating to parking, the flying of
  1 32 the flag at the state capitol of an official representative of
  1 33 a foreign country, and the development and provision of
  1 34 business cards to provide during international travel of state
  1 35 representatives and during visits of international
  2  1 representatives.  
  2  2 LSB 3687SS 77
  2  3 pf/jw/5

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