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Senate File 484

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 203.9, unnumbered paragraph 1, Code
  1  2 1997, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    The department may inspect the premises used by any grain
  1  4 dealer in the conduct of the dealer's business at any time,
  1  5 and the books, accounts, records, and papers of every grain
  1  6 dealer which pertain to grain purchases are subject to
  1  7 inspection by the department during ordinary business hours.
  1  8 The department shall cause the business premises and books,
  1  9 accounts, records, and papers of every grain dealer to be
  1 10 inspected at least once each eighteen-month period without
  1 11 justification.  The department shall prioritize inspections
  1 12 based on the system provided in section 203.22.  The
  1 13 department may use a risk rating produced by a statistical
  1 14 model provided in section 203.22 as justification to conduct
  1 15 an inspection.  The transporter of grain in transit shall
  1 16 possess bills of lading or other documents covering the grain,
  1 17 and shall present them to any law enforcement officer or to a
  1 18 person designated as an enforcement officer under section
  1 19 203.13 on demand.  If there is justification to believe that a
  1 20 person is engaged without a license in the business of a grain
  1 21 dealer in this state, the department may inspect the books,
  1 22 papers, and records of the person which pertain to grain
  1 23 purchases.
  1 24    Sec. 2.  Section 203.15, subsection 7, paragraph c,
  1 25 unnumbered paragraph 2, Code 1997, is amended to read as
  1 26 follows:
  1 27    A bond filed with the department under this paragraph shall
  1 28 not be canceled by the issuer on less than ninety days notice
  1 29 by certified mail to the department and the principal, unless
  1 30 the bond is being replaced with another bond and evidence of
  1 31 the new bond is filed with the department at the time of the
  1 32 cancellation of the bond on file.  When the department
  1 33 receives notice from an issuer that it has canceled the bond,
  1 34 the department shall automatically suspend the grain dealer's
  1 35 license if a replacement bond is not received by the
  2  1 department within sixty days of the issuance of the notice of
  2  2 cancellation.  The department shall cause an inspection of the
  2  3 licensed grain dealer immediately at the end of the sixty-day
  2  4 period.  If a replacement bond is not filed within another
  2  5 thirty days following the suspension, the grain dealer license
  2  6 shall be automatically revoked.  When a license is revoked,
  2  7 the department shall provide notice of the revocation by
  2  8 ordinary mail to the last known address of each holder of an
  2  9 outstanding credit-sale contract and all known sellers.  
  2 10                           EXPLANATION
  2 11    The bill amends chapter 203 providing for the regulation of
  2 12 grain dealers required to be licensed by the department of
  2 13 agriculture and land stewardship.
  2 14    The bill amends a provision allowing the department to
  2 15 inspect the records of the grain dealer, by eliminating a
  2 16 requirement that the record must pertain to a grain purchase.
  2 17    The bill amends a provision requiring the filing of a bond
  2 18 by a grain dealer.  Specifically, it provides that an issuer
  2 19 of the bond is not required to notify the department of the
  2 20 cancellation of a bond, if the grain dealer files a
  2 21 replacement bond with the department.  
  2 22 LSB 2479SV 77
  2 23 da/sc/14

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