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Senate File 405

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  56.14A  FAIR CAMPAIGN PRACTICES
  1  3    1.  A candidate for legislative office may, at the time
  1  4 that the candidate's committee files a statement of
  1  5 organization with the board, pledge to engage in the following
  1  6 fair campaign practices:
  1  7    a.  Voluntarily limiting campaign expenditures as provided
  1  8 in this section.
  1  9    b.  Publishing or authorizing the publication of only those
  1 10 statements regarding the candidate's opponent that are true
  1 11 and accurately represent the opponent's positions or record.
  1 12    2.  If a candidate for legislative office pledges to engage
  1 13 in fair campaign practices, the candidate may include, on any
  1 14 published campaign material or as part of any oral or written
  1 15 statement, an affirmative statement that the candidate has
  1 16 entered into a voluntary agreement with the board to engage in
  1 17 only fair campaign practices.  A candidate who fails to abide
  1 18 by the terms of the pledge, as determined by the board, shall
  1 19 not be permitted to include the statement on any material or
  1 20 in any statement.  Section 56.16 shall not apply to a failure
  1 21 to abide by the terms of the pledge.
  1 22    3.  For purposes of this section, the maximum expenditure
  1 23 levels which are established for a candidate by the candidate
  1 24 and the board shall not exceed an amount which equals twice
  1 25 the annual salary for the legislative office sought.
  1 26    4.  The board shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A
  1 27 that establish standards for determining whether a statement
  1 28 is deemed untruthful or misleading.  The standards shall
  1 29 include, but are not limited to, standards that deem all of
  1 30 the following types of statements as false or misleading:
  1 31    a.  Willful false identification of information sources.
  1 32    b.  Issuance of statements under the name of another person
  1 33 without authorization.
  1 34    c.  False statements regarding a person's or publication's
  1 35 endorsement of or opposition to a candidate.
  2  1    d.  False statements regarding a candidate's education,
  2  2 training, professional licensure, occupational history,
  2  3 criminal record, mental or physical health, or voting record.
  2  4    5.  The board shall also adopt a logo which a candidate who
  2  5 agrees to take the pledge to engage in fair campaign practices
  2  6 may display on any political material published or distributed
  2  7 by or on behalf of the candidate.  
  2  8                           EXPLANATION
  2  9    This bill permits candidates to take a voluntary pledge at
  2 10 the time that the candidate's committee files a statement of
  2 11 organization with the ethics and campaign disclosure board to
  2 12 engage in fair campaign practices.  The pledge includes an
  2 13 agreement between the candidate and the board to voluntarily
  2 14 limit the candidate's campaign expenditures and a pledge to
  2 15 only publish or authorize the publication of statements which
  2 16 are true and accurately represent the candidate's opponent's
  2 17 positions or record.  A candidate who enters into the pledge
  2 18 may include on any material published or as part of any
  2 19 statement made by the candidate a statement which says that
  2 20 the candidate has voluntarily agreed to engage in only fair
  2 21 campaign practices.  If a candidate does not abide by the
  2 22 terms of the pledge, the candidate may no longer include the
  2 23 fair campaign practices statement on campaign material or
  2 24 statements.  No other penalties apply to the failure to abide
  2 25 by the terms of the pledge.
  2 26    The bill establishes a ceiling on the amount that the board
  2 27 and the candidate can agree to as permissible campaign
  2 28 expenditure amounts.  The bill also requires the ethics and
  2 29 campaign disclosure board to adopt rules which establish
  2 30 standards for determining whether a statement is false or
  2 31 misleading and provides a list of types of statements that are
  2 32 to be deemed false or misleading.  
  2 33 LSB 2313SS 77
  2 34 lh/jw/5

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