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Senate File 279

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  214A.20  OXYGENATED GASOLINE.
  1  2    1.  OXYGEN CONTENT.  On and after July 1, 1998, all
  1  3 gasoline offered for sale or sold in this state shall contain
  1  4 at least two and seven-tenths percent oxygen by weight.
  1  5    2.  BLENDING RESTRICTION.  A person, including a retail or
  1  6 wholesale dealer, shall not blend gasoline which contains an
  1  7 oxygenate octane enhancer at the time it is received from the
  1  8 refiner or producer with an additional oxygenate octane
  1  9 enhancer.
  1 10    3.  EXEMPTIONS.  A wholesale dealer or retail dealer may
  1 11 offer for sale or sell gasoline that is not oxygenated in
  1 12 accordance with subsection 1 as follows:
  1 13    a.  At an airport, marina, mooring facility, or resort, for
  1 14 use in aircraft or watercraft.
  1 15    b.  At a public or private racecourse, for use exclusively
  1 16 in off-highway motor sports racing.
  1 17    c.  For use in vehicles which will be operated exclusively
  1 18 off-road, including motor vehicles, snowmobiles, and
  1 19 motorcycles and in small engines.
  1 20    A retail dealer shall not have more than one storage tank
  1 21 used for gasoline which is not oxygenated under subsection 1
  1 22 on the premises of the dealer.  The pump used to dispense the
  1 23 nonoxygenated gasoline shall be posted with a permanent
  1 24 notice, as determined by rules adopted by the secretary of
  1 25 agriculture, stating that the gasoline dispensed by the pump
  1 26 is nonoxygenated and has a limited use.  
  1 27                           EXPLANATION
  1 28    This bill provides that all gasoline offered for sale or
  1 29 sold in this state on or after July 1, 1998, shall contain at
  1 30 least 2.7 percent oxygen by weight.  The bill prohibits the
  1 31 blending of gasoline which comes from the refiner or producer
  1 32 with an oxygenate octane enhancer with an additional oxygenate
  1 33 octane enhancer.
  1 34    The bill exempts from the oxygen requirement gasoline used
  1 35 in aircraft, boats, motor-sports racing, off-road vehicles,
  2  1 and small engines.  The bill also limits retail dealers to one
  2  2 tank at each dealership for nonoxygenated gasoline and
  2  3 requires the secretary of agriculture to adopt rules regarding
  2  4 the posting of notice at pumps used to dispense nonoxygenated
  2  5 gasoline.
  2  6    Violations of the provisions of the bill are simple
  2  7 misdemeanors under section 214A.11.  
  2  8 LSB 2192SS 77
  2  9 mk/sc/14

Text: SF00278                           Text: SF00280
Text: SF00200 - SF00299                 Text: SF Index
Bills and Amendments: General Index     Bill History: General Index

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