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Senate File 179

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 49.58, Code 1997, is amended to read as
  1  2 follows:
  1  4    1.  If any candidate nominated by a political party, as
  1  5 defined in section 43.2, for the office of senator or
  1  6 representative in the Congress of the United States, governor,
  1  7 lieutenant governor, attorney general, or senator or
  1  8 representative in the general assembly dies during the period
  1  9 beginning on the eighty-eighth day and ending on the last day
  1 10 before the general election, or if any candidate so nominated
  1 11 for the office of county supervisor dies during the period
  1 12 beginning on the seventy-third day and ending on the last day
  1 13 before the general election, the vote cast at the general
  1 14 election for that office shall not be canvassed as would
  1 15 otherwise be required by chapter 50.  Instead, a special
  1 16 election shall be held on the first Tuesday after the second
  1 17 Monday in December, for the purpose of electing a person to
  1 18 fill that office.
  1 19    2.  Each candidate for that office whose name appeared on
  1 20 the general election ballot shall also be a candidate for the
  1 21 office in the special election, except that the deceased
  1 22 candidate's political party may designate another candidate in
  1 23 substantially the manner provided by section 43.78 for filling
  1 24 vacancies on the general election ballot.  However, a
  1 25 political party which did not have a candidate on the general
  1 26 election ballot for the office in question may similarly
  1 27 designate a candidate for that office in the special election.
  1 28 The name of any replacement or additional candidate so
  1 29 designated shall be submitted in writing to the state
  1 30 commissioner, or the commissioner in the case of a candidate
  1 31 for county supervisor, not later than five o'clock p.m. on the
  1 32 first Tuesday after the date of the general election.  No
  1 33 other candidate whose name did not appear on the general
  1 34 election ballot as a candidate for the office in question
  1 35 shall be placed on the ballot for the special election, in any
  2  1 manner.  The special election shall be held and canvassed in
  2  2 the manner prescribed by law for the general election.
  2  3    3.  In lieu of the procedure in subsection 1, if a
  2  4 candidate for county supervisor in a county with supervisor
  2  5 representation plan "one" dies during the period beginning on
  2  6 the seventy-third day and ending on the last day before the
  2  7 general election, the party's county convention may choose to
  2  8 forego nomination of a candidate for special election and
  2  9 allow the office to be voted on at the general election with
  2 10 the ballot remaining vacant for that political party for that
  2 11 office.  The county convention shall notify the secretary of
  2 12 state in writing as soon as practicable before the date of the
  2 13 election whether it wishes to proceed under subsection 1 or
  2 14 this subsection.  
  2 15                           EXPLANATION
  2 16    This bill provides that if a political party candidate for
  2 17 county supervisor in a county whose supervisors are elected at
  2 18 large dies within 73 days of the election, the county
  2 19 convention of the political party to which the candidate was
  2 20 affiliated may choose to leave the spot on the ballot vacant
  2 21 rather than nominating another candidate from that party and
  2 22 holding a special election after the general election.  
  2 23 LSB 1669SS 77
  2 24 sc/jw/5

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