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House Study Bill 645

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 384.6, subsection 1, Code 1997, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    1.  Accounting for pension and related employee benefit
  1  4 funds as provided by the city finance committee.  A city may
  1  5 make contributions to a retirement system other than the Iowa
  1  6 public employees' retirement system for its city manager, or
  1  7 city administrator performing the duties of city manager, in
  1  8 an annual amount not to exceed the amount that would have been
  1  9 contributed by the employer under section 97B.11.  If a police
  1 10 chief or fire chief has submitted a written request to the
  1 11 board of trustees to be exempt from chapter 411, authorized in
  1 12 section 411.3, subsection 1, a city shall make contributions
  1 13 for the chief, in an amount not to exceed the amount that
  1 14 would have been contributed by the city under section 411.8,
  1 15 subsection 1, paragraph "a", to the international city
  1 16 management association/retirement corporation.  A city may
  1 17 certify taxes to be levied for a trust and agency fund in the
  1 18 amount necessary to meet its obligations.  For purposes of
  1 19 this subsection, "related employee benefit funds" includes
  1 20 amounts held for the purpose of paying the costs incurred
  1 21 pursuant to section 509A.13.
  1 22    Sec. 2.  Section 509A.13, Code 1997, is amended to read as
  1 23 follows:
  1 25    If a governing body, a county board of supervisors, or a
  1 26 city council has procured for its employees accident, health,
  1 27 or hospitalization insurance, or a medical service plan, or
  1 28 has contracted with a health maintenance organization
  1 29 authorized to do business in this state, the governing body,
  1 30 county board of supervisors, or city council shall allow its
  1 31 employees who retired before attaining sixty-five years of age
  1 32 to continue participation in the group plan or under the group
  1 33 contract at the employee's own expense until the employee
  1 34 attains sixty-five years of age.  However, a city may pay for
  1 35 all or a portion of the costs of an employee's continuation of
  2  1 group insurance under this section from moneys held in a trust
  2  2 and agency fund established pursuant to section 384.6, or out
  2  3 of an appropriation for this purpose from the general fund of
  2  4 the city.
  2  5    This section applies to employees who retired on or after
  2  6 January 1, 1981.  
  2  7                           EXPLANATION
  2  8    This bill provides that cities may pay for all or a portion
  2  9 of the costs of continuing group health care for retired city
  2 10 employees until they reach 65 years of age.  The bill further
  2 11 provides that the costs of the coverage shall be paid from
  2 12 amounts held in a trust and agency fund for this purpose or
  2 13 from an appropriation from the city general fund.  
  2 14 LSB 4160HC 77
  2 15 ec/cf/24

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