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House File 502

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 89.2, subsection 7, Code 1997, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    7.  "Steam heating boiler" means a steam-generating boiler
  1  4 operating at not more than fifteen pounds per square inch; or
  1  5 a hot water heating boiler operating at not more than one
  1  6 hundred sixty pounds per square inch and not more than 250
  1  7 degrees F. at the boiler outlet.
  1  8    Sec. 2.  Section 89.3, subsection 6, Code 1997, is amended
  1  9 to read as follows:
  1 10    6.  Each boiler of one hundred thousand pounds per hour or
  1 11 more capacity, unfired steam pressure vessel, or regulated
  1 12 appurtenance used or proposed to be used within this state,
  1 13 which contains only water subject to internal continuous water
  1 14 treatment under the direct supervision of a graduate engineer
  1 15 or chemist, or one having equivalent experience in the
  1 16 treatment of boiler water where the water treatment is for the
  1 17 purpose of controlling and limiting serious corrosion and
  1 18 other deteriorating factors, and with respect to which vessel
  1 19 the commissioner has determined that the owner or user has
  1 20 complied with the record-keeping requirements prescribed in
  1 21 this chapter, shall be inspected at least once every two three
  1 22 years internally and, or a longer interval at the discretion
  1 23 of the commissioner, at least once every three years
  1 24 externally while not under pressure, and at least once every
  1 25 two years externally while under pressure.  At any time a
  1 26 hydrostatic test is deemed necessary to determine the safety
  1 27 of a vessel, the tests shall be conducted by the owner or user
  1 28 of the equipment under the supervision of the commissioner.
  1 29    Sec. 3.  Section 89.3, subsection 7, Code 1997, is amended
  1 30 to read as follows:
  1 31    7.  The owner or user of a boiler of one hundred thousand
  1 32 pounds per hour or more capacity, unfired steam pressure
  1 33 vessel, or regulated appurtenance desiring to qualify for
  1 34 biennial an inspection once every three years shall keep
  1 35 available for examination by the commissioner accurate records
  2  1 showing the date and actual time the vessel is out of service
  2  2 and the reason it is out of service, and the chemical physical
  2  3 laboratory analyses of samples of the vessel water taken at
  2  4 regular intervals of not more than forty-eight hours of
  2  5 operation as will adequately show the condition of the water
  2  6 and any elements or characteristics of the water which are
  2  7 capable of producing corrosion or other deterioration of the
  2  8 vessel or its parts.
  2 11    1.  The inspections required by section 89.3 shall not be
  2 12 made by the commissioner if an owner or user of equipment
  2 13 subject to this chapter has an inspection conducted by a
  2 14 qualified owner-user inspection organization.
  2 15    2.  A qualified owner-user inspection organization shall
  2 16 meet the following requirements:
  2 17    a.  The organization is supervised by one or more
  2 18 technically competent individuals whose qualifications are
  2 19 acceptable to the commissioner.
  2 20    b.  Inspection procedures of the organization shall meet
  2 21 the requirements either established by rules adopted by the
  2 22 national board of boiler and pressure vessel inspectors or
  2 23 established by rule API-510 adopted by the American petroleum
  2 24 institute.  The commissioner shall approve any requirements
  2 25 established pursuant to this paragraph.
  2 26    c.  The inspection shall be conducted by a person certified
  2 27 by the commissioner as a qualified owner-user inspector for
  2 28 the year during which an inspection occurs pursuant to rules
  2 29 adopted by the commissioner.  The rules shall provide that the
  2 30 inspector hold a valid owner-user inspection commission from,
  2 31 and has passed an examination prescribed by, the national
  2 32 board of boiler and pressure vessel inspectors, that the
  2 33 inspector be an American petroleum institute-certified
  2 34 inspector, or that the inspector hold a certificate of
  2 35 competency as an inspector from a state that has standards
  3  1 equal to or greater than the standards of this state.
  3  2    3.  Upon completion of an inspection by a qualified owner-
  3  3 user inspection organization, the division of labor services
  3  4 of the department of workforce development shall, upon payment
  3  5 of a fee by the owner or user of equipment, issue a
  3  6 certificate of inspection which shall be valid for the same
  3  7 period of time as provided in section 89.3.
  3  8    4.  An owner-user inspector shall notify, in writing, the
  3  9 user and the commissioner of any equipment or appurtenance
  3 10 found to be unsafe or unfit for operation and the nature and
  3 11 extent of such defect or unsafe condition.  The commissioner
  3 12 shall indicate to the user whether the equipment may be used
  3 13 without making repair or replacement of defective parts, or
  3 14 whether the equipment may be used in a limited capacity before
  3 15 repairs are made.  The commissioner shall permit the user a
  3 16 reasonable time to make such repairs.  
  3 17                           EXPLANATI0N
  3 18    This bill makes changes concerning the inspection of
  3 19 boilers and unfired steam pressure vessels.  The bill provides
  3 20 that all boilers, not just boilers of 100,000 pounds or more
  3 21 capacity, can be inspected at intervals of greater than one
  3 22 year.  The bill provides that the inspection, both externally
  3 23 and internally while not under pressure, of certain boilers
  3 24 and unfired steam pressure vessels can be done once every
  3 25 three years and not once every two years.  The bill authorizes
  3 26 an exception to the three-year internal inspection if the
  3 27 labor commissioner so allows.
  3 28    The bill also permits the inspection of boilers and unfired
  3 29 steam pressure vessels by a "qualified owner-user inspection
  3 30 organization" instead of by the labor commissioner.  The bill
  3 31 establishes the requirements such an organization needs to
  3 32 meet to be considered a qualified owner-user inspection
  3 33 organization.  
  3 34 LSB 2491HH 77
  3 35 ec/cf/24

Text: HF00501                           Text: HF00503
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