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House File 103

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 414.23, Code 1997, is amended to read
  1  2 as follows:
  1  4    1.  The powers granted by this chapter may be extended by
  1  5 ordinance by any city to the unincorporated area up to two
  1  6 miles beyond the limits of such the city, except for those
  1  7 areas within a county where a county zoning ordinance exists
  1  8 with the concurrence of the board of supervisors in the county
  1  9 where the unincorporated area is located.  The ordinance shall
  1 10 describe in general terms the area to be included.  The
  1 11 exemption from regulation granted by section 335.2 to property
  1 12 used for agricultural purposes shall apply to such
  1 13 unincorporated area.  If the limits of any such the city are
  1 14 at any place less than four miles distant from the limits of
  1 15 any other city which has extended or thereafter later extends
  1 16 its zoning jurisdiction under this section, then at such that
  1 17 time the powers herein granted in this section shall extend to
  1 18 a line equidistant between the limits of said the cities.
  1 19    2.  A municipality city, during the time that its zoning
  1 20 jurisdiction is extended under to the unincorporated area as
  1 21 provided in this section, shall increase the size of its
  1 22 planning and zoning commission and its board of adjustment
  1 23 each by two members.  The additional members shall be
  1 24 residents of the unincorporated area outside the city limits
  1 25 over which the zoning jurisdiction is extended.  They The
  1 26 additional members shall be appointed by the board of
  1 27 supervisors of the county in which such extended the
  1 28 unincorporated area is located and.  The additional members
  1 29 shall serve for the same terms of office and have the same
  1 30 rights, privileges, and duties as other members of each of
  1 31 said bodies the commission or board.
  1 32    3.  Property owners Owners of property located within the
  1 33 unincorporated area and affected by such the zoning
  1 34 regulations shall have the same rights of hearing, protest,
  1 35 and appeal as those owners of property located within the
  2  1 municipality city exercising this power.
  2  2    Whenever a county in which this power is being exercised by
  2  3 a municipality adopts a county zoning ordinance the power
  2  4 exercised by the municipality and the specific regulations and
  2  5 districts thereunder shall be terminated within three months
  2  6 of the establishment of the administrative authority for
  2  7 county zoning, or at such date as mutually agreed upon by the
  2  8 municipality and county.  
  2  9                           EXPLANATION
  2 10    This bill amends Code chapter 414 providing for city
  2 11 zoning.  The bill specifically amends Code section 414.23
  2 12 which currently provides for extending a city's zoning
  2 13 authority to an unincorporated area up to two miles beyond the
  2 14 limits of the city.  This bill removes a requirement that the
  2 15 city's right to extend its authority depends upon a county not
  2 16 exercising zoning authority over the area.  The bill provides
  2 17 that for a city to extend its jurisdiction, it must have the
  2 18 concurrence of the county board of supervisors.  The bill
  2 19 eliminates a provision that prohibits the city from applying
  2 20 zoning requirements to land used for agricultural purposes.
  2 21 Finally, the bill eliminates a provision which terminates the
  2 22 city's zoning authority over the area three months after
  2 23 county zoning regulations become effective.  The bill also
  2 24 makes changes to enhance the readability of the section.  
  2 25 LSB 1191YH 77
  2 26 da/cf/24

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