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Senate File 168

Bill History prepared on JUL 01, 1998 .

Introduced by
Connolly and Kibbie.
A bill for an act relating to school attendance and safety by providing for notification to schools by peace officers of the possession of alcohol or controlled substances by juveniles, providing that certain identifying information regarding juveniles involved in delinquent acts is a public record, relating to an extension of the compulsory school attendance age, relating to immunity from assault charges for the use of force by a person to stop a fight or disturbance at a school or school function, establishing a penalty for violation of the compulsory school attendance law in certain circumstances, establishing criminal penalties for providing aid, support, or shelter to a runaway or truant, and providing for civil penalties for truancy and the loss of a driver's license for truancy.


Feb. 19 97
Introduced, passed on file. S.J. 336.
Feb. 19 97
Referred to Education. S.J. 338.
Feb. 24 97
Subcommittee, Boettger, Kibbie and Tinsman. S.J. 362.

* * * * * END OF 1997 ACTIONS * * * * *

Feb. 17 98
Subcommittee, Boettger, Kibbie and Tinsman. S.J. 315.

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