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House Journal: Page 2169: Wednesday, May 1, 1996

 issued dire warnings that the sky would fall because of federal
budget cuts.  Well they were wrong, the sky did not fall.

We reduced taxes across the board, we balanced the budget for
the fourth year in a row, we kept sacred our $400 million cash
reserves and we will end this year with about $130 million in an
ending balance. Our budget is sound, we are spending $1 million
less the Governor recommended in January.  We are in excellent
fiscal shape.  Iowans have reason to be optimistic about the
future: We live in the most livable state in the country, we are
the sixth best managed state in the country and that will get
better because of what we have done this year.

Teddy Roosevelt once said, "It is through labor and painful
effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move into
better things." Today is the one hundred fifteenth day of a one
hundred day session. It has taken labor and painful effort, grim
energy and resolute courage for this House to bring spending
down to an acceptable level.

It has been a successful two years. I feel honored to have been
Speaker for those two years. To every member of this body, I
would like to say, `Thank you for a job well done." You have
cleared a very high bar and deserve a gold medal; and for that
you all deserve a hand.
The following message was received from the Senate:
Mr. Speaker: I am directed to inform your honorable body that
the Senate has on May 1, 1996, adopted the following resolution
in which the concurrence of the House is asked:
Senate Concurrent Resolution 126, a Senate concurrent resolution
to provide for adjournment sine die.
JOHN F. DWYER, Secretary
Siegrist of Pottawattamie asked and received unanimous consent
for the immediate consideration of Senate Concurrent Resolution
126, as follows and moved its adoption:

 2        By:  Committee on Rules and Administration
 3   A Senate Concurrent Resolution to provide for
 4    adjournment sine die.
 5     Be It Resolved By The Senate, The House Concurring,
 6  That when adjournment is had on Wednesday, May 1,
 7  1996, it be the final adjournment of the 1996 Regular
 8  Session of the Seventy-sixth General Assembly.
The motion prevailed and the resolution was adopted.

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