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House Journal: Page 2167: Wednesday, May 1, 1996

Public safety was addressed with the bills that established
stricter penalties for meth and the limited parole bill for
violent offenders. On top of that, we authorized construction of
a 750-bed prison in Fort Dodge.  And lastly, we began to look at
quality-of-life issues by taking REAP to a $10 million level, $2
million for trails, and $3 million to begin to address our
deferred maintenance needs for our park system.

Five goals stated; five goals accomplished. On top of that, as
you have a chance to reflect, you will remember other issues
such as housing, victim's rights, and the workforce development

All in all, a very productive year for the citizens of Iowa.

Let me thank everyone who has made this session a success. We
can never say enough thanks for the people who help us get
through each year. From the doormen, to the phone operators, all
of the pages - everyone deserves our thanks.  They make our time
here easier.

Special thanks go to our caucus staffs. You put up with us even
when we are being thick-headed beyond comprehension. We never
say thank you enough. You do a superb job. To everyone in the
well - thanks.  You keep me on the right track.

To the members of the lobby - you have done it once again. You
have handled your job with the utmost competence and integrity.
You have earned the respect of the members of this body. The
people who lambaste lobbyists and their influence haven't met
the people who work the rotunda here.

For the members of the press, I have very much appreciated your
even-handed reporting of the activities of this body.  I have
nothing but respect for the job that you do. However, I won't
miss the daily quiz: "Siegrist, what's the road map for today?"

A special thanks to all of our retirees. You will be missed.
Your energy and institutional knowledge will be sorely missed. I
still remember my first two years in this body when I sat
between two of this year's retirees as an innocent freshman. I
sat where Representative Disney sits now between Representative
Ollie and Representative Brammer.  I still haven't recovered.

Representative Schrader - thank you. David, you have been a
pleasure to work with. As I observed you doing your job, I
admired your skills in running your caucus. To my friends in the
minority, congratulations on a job well done. You held our feet
to the fire, offered, for the most part, constructive
alternatives, and held the majority party accountable.

To the House Republican Leadership - thank you, thank you, thank
you. Harold, Chuck, Bob, Dick, Gary and Christopher - your input
and counsel made my job much easier.
Of course, I couldn't function without my page, Amanda, and
Becky and Susan. I wouldn't have a clue as to where I'm going or
who I'm supposed to see without Becky's help.  She brings a
little order to my life and my desk.

Susan, what can I say? Everyone in here knows that when I look
good it's because of you. And when I screw up, it's because of
me. At the rate you are doing more of my job, you'll probably
start garnishing my wages.

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