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House Journal: Page 2104: Wednesday, May 1, 1996

 9   paragraph "a".""
10     2.  Page 1, by inserting after line 35, the
11   following:
12     "   .  Page 14, by inserting before line 4 the
13   following:
14     "Sec. ___.  Notwithstanding the restrictions
15   contained in section 28F.1, third and fourth
16   unnumbered paragraphs, and section 28F.7, a municipal
17   utility may enter into an agreement with a public
18   agency which has received for this purpose before the
19   effective date of this Act a commitment for a United
20   States department of energy grant, to jointly finance
21   one wind turbine alternate energy production facility
22   as defined in section 476.42 of not more than twenty
23   megawatts nameplate-rated capacity, and to provide the
24   municipal utility and other public or private agencies
25   with electricity from the facility.  An electric
26   utility shall not be required to purchase electricity
27   from such an alternate energy production facility
28   pursuant to sections 476.43 and 476.44."
29        .  Page 14, by inserting after line 5, the
30   following:
31     "Sec. ___.  Section 100 of this Act being deemed of
32   immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment.""
Cataldo of Polk, in the chair at 5:11 p.m.
On motion by Nutt of Woodbury, the House concurred in the Senate
amendment H-6065, to the House amendment.
Nutt of Woodbury moved that the bill, as amended by the House,
further amended by the Senate and concurred in by the House, be
read a last time now and placed upon its passage which motion
prevailed and the bill was read a last time.
On the question "Shall the bill pass?" (S.F. 2370)
The ayes were, 89:

Arnold         	Baker          	Bell           	Bernau        
	Blodgett       	Boddicker      	Boggess        	Bradley       
		Brand          	Branstad       	Brauns         	Brunkhorst    
	Burnett        	Carroll               	Churchill      	Cohoon  
      		Connors        	Coon           	Corbett, Spkr.       
	Cormack        		Daggett        	Dinkla         	Disney        
	Doderer        		Drake          	Drees          	Eddie         
	Ertl           		Garman         	Gipp           	Greig         
	Greiner        		Gries          	Grundberg      	Hahn          
	Halvorson      	Hammitt Barry  	Hanson         	Harper        
	Harrison       	Heaton         	Houser         	Hurley        
	Huseman        	Jacobs         	Jochum         	Klemme        
	Kreiman        		Kremer         	Lamberti       	Larkin        

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