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House Journal: Page 2101: Wednesday, May 1, 1996

31   least seventy-five percent of the space used for
32   residential purposes, or residential property which is
33   located within the limits of a city."
34     10.  Page 5, by inserting after line 45 the
35   following:
36                        "DIVISION 201
37     Sec. ___.  APPROPRIATION.  There is appropriated
38   from the general fund of the state to the Iowa finance
39   authority for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1995,
40   and ending June 30, 1996, the following amount, or so
41   much thereof as is necessary, to be used for the
42   purpose designated:
43     For assisting counties and cities in forming or
44   organizing housing councils:
45  		 $	  1,000,000
46     Notwithstanding section 8.33, moneys remaining
47   unobligated or unexpended shall not revert but shall
48   remain available to the Iowa finance authority for the
49   purposes of this section for the fiscal year beginning
50   July 1, 1996, and ending June 30, 1997.  Funds

Page   3

 1   remaining unobligated on June 30, 1997, shall be
 2   transferred to the housing improvement fund created in
 3   section 16.100."
 4     11.  Page 5, lines 47 and 48, by striking the word
 5   and figure "and 101" and inserting the following:
 6   "101, and 201".
 7     12.  By renumbering as necessary.
The motion prevailed and the House concurred in the Senate
amendment H-6064, to the House amendment.
Jacobs of Polk moved that the bill, as amended by the House,
further amended by the Senate and concurred in by the House, be
read a last time now and placed upon its passage which motion
prevailed and the bill was read a last time.
On the question "Shall the bill pass?" (S.F. 2464)
The ayes were, 91:

Bell           	Bernau         	Blodgett       	Boddicker     
	Boggess        	Bradley        	Brand          	Branstad      
	Brauns         	Brunkhorst     	Burnett        	Carroll       
		Cataldo 	Churchill      	Cohoon         	Connors        		Coon
                 	Cormack        	Daggett        	Dinkla        
		Disney         	Doderer        	Drake          	Drees         
		Eddie          	Ertl           	Fallon         	Garman        
		Gipp 	Greig          	Greiner        	Gries          	Grubbs  
      	Grundberg      	Hahn           	Halvorson

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