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House Journal: Page 2099: Wednesday, May 1, 1996

 Also: That the Senate has on May 1, 1996, amended the House
amendment, concurred in the House amendment, as amended, and
passed the following bill in which the concurrence of the House
is asked:
Senate File 2370, a bill for an act relating to energy
efficiency and alternate energy programs, electric and gas
public utility energy efficiency mandates, and the Iowa energy
center and the center for global and regional environmental
research and requiring the location of a principal office within
the state and providing an effective date and providing an
applicability provision.
JOHN F. DWYER, Secretary
Jacobs of Polk called up for consideration  Senate File 2464, a
bill for an act relating to housing development, including tax
increment financing, providing for the assessment of certain
property for tax purposes, and providing an effective date,
amended by the House, further amended by the Senate and moved
that the House concur in the following Senate amendment H-6064
to the House amendment:


 1     Amend the House amendment, S-5738, to Senate File
 2   2464, as amended, passed, and reprinted by the Senate,
 3   as follows:
 4     1.  Page 1, by striking lines 7 through 22 and
 5   inserting the following:
 6     "A person interested in transferring real property
 7   located in a district, or a broker or salesperson
 8   acting on behalf of the person, shall disclose, in
 9   accordance with chapter 558A, that the property is
10   located in a real estate improvement district and the
11   amount of any special assessment under this chapter
12   against the property."
13        .  Page 5, by striking lines 15 through 20 and
14   inserting the following:
15     "Sec. ___.  Section 558A.4, subsection 1, Code
16   1995, is amended to read as follows:
17     1.  The disclosure statement shall include
18   information relating to the condition and important
19   characteristics of the property and structures located
20   on the property, including significant defects in the
21   structural integrity of the structure, as provided in
22   rules which shall be adopted by the real estate
23   commission pursuant to section 543B.9.  The disclosure
24   statement shall also include whether the property is
25   located in a real estate improvement district and the
26   amount of any special assessment against the property
27   under chapter 358C.  The rules may require the
28   disclosure to include information relating to the
29   property's zoning classification; the condition of
30   plumbing, heating, or electrical systems; or the

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