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House Journal: Page 1595: Thursday, April 11, 1996

Also: That the Senate has on April 11, 1996, passed the
following bill in which the concurrence of the House is asked:
Senate File 2457, a bill for an act relating to single-family
residential construction and by establishing a mediation process
providing consumer remedies, and providing for related matters.
JOHN F. DWYER, Secretary

I was temporarily absent from the House chamber on April 11,
1996. Had I been present, I would have voted "aye" on House File
569 and Senate File 2157.
MARTIN of Scott
The Chief Clerk of the House submitted the following report:
Mr. Speaker: The Chief Clerk of the House respectfully reports
that the following bills have been examined and found correctly
enrolled, signed by the Speaker of the House and the President
of the Senate, and presented to the Governor for his approval on
this Eleventh day of April, 1996: House Files 111, 210, 514,
2190, 2350, 2407 and 2444.
Chief Clerk of the House
Report adopted.
The Speaker announced that the following visitors were present
in the House chamber:
Kremer of Buchanan announced that the Honorable Marvin Diemer,
former member of the House representing Black Hawk County, was
present in the House chamber on April 10, 1996.
Twenty fourth grade students from Murray Community School,
Murray, accompanied by Karen Stroud. By Arnold of Lucas.
Forty-four twelfth grade students from Jefferson High School,
Cedar Rapids, accompanied by Suzanne Kresi. By Welter of Jones,
Brammer, Corbett and Taylor all of Linn.
Forty-seven sixth grade students from
Meservey-Thorton-Sheffield-Chapin Middle School, accompanied by
Mr. Jack Amble, Mrs. Alice Heitland, Mr. Jerry Martinek and Miss
Morey. By Sukup of Franklin and Blodgett of Cerro Gordo.
Sixteen fifth grade students from St. Cecilia's Parochial, Ames,
accompanied by Sister Dorothy Ann Chevalier and Mrs. Linda
White. By Bernau, Burnett and Garman all of Story.

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