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House Journal: Page 1368: Wednesday, April 3, 1996

Page   3

 1   loads may be increased to cover the costs of
 2   inspections by the issuing authority.  A fee not to
 3   exceed two hundred fifty dollars per day or a prorated
 4   fraction of that fee per person and car for escort
 5   service may be charged when requested or when required
 6   under this chapter.  Proration of escort fees between
 7   state and local authorities when more than one
 8   governmental authority provides or is required to
 9   provide escort for a movement during the period of a
10   day shall be determined by rule under section 321E.15.
11   The department and local authorities may charge a
12   permit applicant for the cost of trimming trees and
13   removal and replacement of natural obstructions or
14   official signs and signals or other public or private
15   property required to be removed during the movement of
16   a vehicle and load.  In addition to the fees provided
17   in this section, the annual fee for a permit for
18   special mobile equipment, as defined in section 321.1,
19   subsection 75, operated pursuant to section 321E.7,
20   subsection 2, with a combined gross weight up to and
21   including eighty thousand pounds shall be twenty-five
22   dollars and for a combined gross weight exceeding
23   eighty thousand pounds, fifty dollars.
24     Sec. ___.  Section 321E.28, unnumbered paragraph 1,
25   Code 1995, is amended to read as follows:
26     The department and local authorities may, upon
27   application and with good cause shown, issue single-
28   trip, multi-trip, or annual permits for the movement
29   of mobile homes or factory-built structures of widths
30   including appurtenances exceeding twelve feet five
31   inches subject to the following conditions:
32     6.  Page 3, by inserting after line 28 the
33   following:
34     "Sec. ___.  EFFECTIVE DATE.  Section 5 of this Act,
35   being deemed of immediate importance, takes effect
36   upon enactment."
37     7.  Title page, line 3, by inserting after the
38   word "vehicles" the following:  "and providing an
39   effective date".
40     8.  By renumbering, relettering, or redesignating
41   and correcting internal references as necessary.
The House concurred in the Senate amendment H-5758.
Heaton of Henry moved that the bill, as amended by the Senate
and concurred in by the House, be read a last time now and
placed upon its passage which motion prevailed and the bill was
read a last time.
On the question "Shall the bill pass?" (H.F. 2350)

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