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House Journal: Page 726: Wednesday, March 13, 1996


 1     Amend House File 2477 as follows:
 2     1.  Page 34, by striking lines 24 through 33 and
 3   inserting the following:  "phase III moneys the amount
 4   of one million two hundred fifty thousand dollars for
 5   support for the operations of the new Iowa schools
 6   development corporation and for school transformation
 7   design and implementation projects administered by the
 8   corporation and the sum of two hundred fifty thousand
 9   dollars for the purposes set forth in section 279.51,
10   subsection 2, and section 256A.3.  Of the amount
11   provided to the new Iowa schools development
12   corporation in this subsection, one hundred fifty
13   thousand dollars shall be used for the school and
14   community planning initiative.  The new Iowa schools
15   development corporation shall develop a process to
16   encourage partnerships between the corporation and the
17   education community and other organizations interested
18   in school improvement in Iowa.  The new Iowa schools
19   development corporation shall submit a progress report
20   on the process developed to the general assembly by
21   January 15, 1997.  Moneys distributed to the child
22   development coordinating council".
Roll call was requested by Ollie of Clinton and Siegrist of
On the question "Shall amendment H-5387 be adopted?" (H.F. 2477)
The ayes were, 41:

Arnold         	Boggess        	Brauns         	Carroll       
		Cataldo        	Coon           	Cormack        	Daggett       
	Doderer        	Ertl           	Garman         	Gipp          
		Greig          	Gries          	Hahn   	Hammitt Barry 	Hanson 
       	Heaton         	Houser         	Hurley         		Huseman
       	Jacobs         	Jochum         	Klemme         		Kreiman
       	Kremer         	Lord           	Mertz         
		Moreland       	Mundie         	Murphy         	O'Brien       
		Osterhaus      	Rants          	Salton         	Siegrist      
		Teig           	Thomson        	Weidman        	Weigel        
The nays were, 56:

Baker          	Bell           	Bernau         	Blodgett      
		Boddicker      	Bradley        	Brammer        	Brand         
		Branstad       	Brunkhorst     	Burnett        	Churchill     
	Cohoon         	Connors        	Corbett, Spkr.        	Dinkla  
      		Drake          	Drees          	Eddie          	Fallon
	Greiner        	Grubbs         	Grundberg      	Halvorson     
	Harper         	Harrison       	Holveck        	Koenigs

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